Wednesday, December 19, 2018


this song was the file name for this image...
Looking back...and reflecting on the comic and this song...yep makes sense...

Saturday, December 15, 2018


i'm excited my partner got me a new keyboard, mouse, and headphones for xmas, its so pretty!  Mostly my keyboard worked but it was SUPER loud like typewriter loud it was only like a 5 dollar microsoft  keyboard. My mouse was also wasn't registering all left clicks it makes sense tho it was SUPER Old like someone gifted it to me used then i used it for like another 7 years it was a razer death addler it did its job well. i just reverted to my tablet when i was annoyed hahah I honestly wanted another razor set but i didn't ask for one cause it was so much more than this set. This set is made by red dragon had good reviews!! why not i hope it lasts we shall see! its very fancy with rainbow colors! I FEEL LIKE I'M HAVING A DISCO PARTY!! It's suppose to be spill proof too? we'll see about that when the time comes hahah  XD it came with headphones too which i needed as well cause mine omg my head phones were also so old they worked but they look hella beat up, they were sony mdr zxc100 they aren't even expensive ones i got like 11 years back! but they were good i would recommend them. I'll use them for walking or something instead of stationary computer headphones

Friday, December 14, 2018


hardcore depressing comics
Everything about you by sanesparza on webtoons
Fifi Martinez -baby_mizery on instagram
both of these comics are the auto bio comics about lost loves and hit me really hard! dang!!!
Borba deviantart art zootopia fan comic
This one is a meme? i tracked down the source and found out HEY! i'm on board for this! XD so much drama! i felt the tension in the movie and this comic rides on that!

My comic update
a panel that didn't make the cut O_O *adds to enormous pile of smut behind her* XD lol 
I'll be glad when this book is done i'm ready to be done... I placed all the text I just started the toning ....T_T Why am i doing this to myself again? LOL i question myself on a daily basis....

Lore olympus by rachel smythe webtoons spent the time to read this very cool modern take on teh greek tales and mixes the characters in a new way great retelling of the tale of Persephone and Hades Mouse comic excellent painting skills

Dreamspace - this is part one of drugs and wires but ahhhh this so cool its like a animation comic
Drugs and Wires AHHH THIS COMIC damn!! i'm beside jaw be on the floor~!! GO READ IT

Verse this comic as wonderful art and backgrounds is crazy good i  might've linked this one before!?

Theif of Tales super adorable story line i love the support characters and concept of the story teller i'm curious to see how this one comes together

Crescent City Monsters this one is so well drawn inking top notch monsters glore! YESSSSSSZZZ i can die happy

GOING TO A PUPPET SHOW TOMORROW I"m super stoked! ever opportunity i get i go see puppet shows! CONFESSION : I want to make a puppet show one day so bad...>_> i will write a script make puppets, backgrounds, edit my recordings, I WILL MAKE SILLY VOICES AHHH

My concept roughly is it will be about monsters like under the bed monsters?!?
OR cavity monsters!? this could be educational?
or hmmm something light hearted and pun-y for suuuurrrreeee
MY DREAMS I HAVE SO MANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Art Station

I finally caved and got a art station account...I thought i'd throw a few pieces up see how I like it before I go full speed ahead :3 check it out!

a quick doodle of a ice unicorn...
I was trying to give it thick fur and was inspired by a mammoth 

Whats with all this worry of tumblr dying?
It WONT DIE there will always be people left over.
 I'm like good riddance, go. My feed wont be so long now!! hahaha you can still surf old posts and archives. I find that super busy websites can be exhausting. I actually enjoy quiet internet spaces...mmm that's probably why I still blog XD 

 I like Kim Petras right now she just came out with this album near halloween and I enjoy all the songs on it!!! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


Long flight 25 hrs!? ugh my butt so sore!!!! my ankles swollen! T_T plus a 5 hour car ride from airport to where nag's family lives in a cramped hot car.. Driving in India is like playing chicken with everyone like are you going to go? OR ME?! WHO KNOWS!!! VRRRRRROOOOM!!! SPEED UP! STOP! WEAVE! HONK HONK!!! TRAFFIC SIGNS? use your driving intuition!!!! OH YEAH also our roads are super bumpy and narrow! cause whatever! LOL while i'm  hanging on for dear life watching the road to prevent me from feeling more queasy! @_@ lol then I look over and there's like a whole family of 5 on a motorcycle. 

this was the second time I've gone to India, the first was for our marriage in India in 2015. Nag's family is super sweet i got to hang out with them the whole time, i didn't really go anywhere or do any tourism. mostly the only tourism in India is temples and shopping? i'm not a fan of shopping even in america so its cool and nag is not very religious. LOTS OF CHORES!!! i had to wash laundry by hand which i quickly hated!! I would wash dishes outside by a faucet with a bucket, that or i was watching the kids. Much of Nag's distant relatives live in this village his aunts and uncles on both father and mother's side, siblings of his grandparents, as well as 3rd and 2nd cousins. The internet was very spotty and power would go out randomly at their home! but their home was really nice because of Nag, he is a good son, he recently paid to remodel his parent's home so if you contrast his home to some of the neighbors homes his home is very modern by India standards! actually this remodel was the first time his parents had a faucet! before they only had a hand water pump for all the water needs around the house.

 His Amma and Nana (mom and dad in telugu) own two buffalo and one goat, and lots of chickens, which they killed one for one of our meals lol I didn't eat it...i dunno if everyone in america had to see the animal before you eat i think a lot of people would eat a lot less meat!!! but honestly the chickens are happy there they run around free, jumping on the houses, barns, roads, nesting, they only go home to eat and sleep under baskets! so if you gotta live and die somewhere i think India is a great place for a chicken! They wanted to kill the goat for goat curry and Nag and I said no that's ok!! lol they walked it like it was a dog! i just couldn't!  My later years i've just kinda shifted to more vegetarian foods, i've been on slow shift away from meat i only eat it once it awhile or if someone else makes it but i don't buy it at the grocery store. Nag's sisters are so busy and hard working they are both excellent cooks i ate so much good food and tried so many dishes i've never had before! I learned lots of new telugu words and new recipes! Everyone was so excited to see vik since that was the first time he had been to India. I only saw 3  non Indian people while i stayed one time i went to Vijayawada and i saw some tourists walking around but they were all male. When i did go out i got lots of stares haha. It was pretty hot and i had to dress pretty conservative by american standards which is fine but sweaty me hahah O_o honestly i really don't wear Indian traditional clothing often i only wear for special occasions or on their request...i feel like i shouldn't wear their national dress? plus i have hard time draping a sari and making it look good...BESIDES i wanna be ME i wanna be weird american artist MICHELLE!  which by the way they only called me Vadina which means sister in law in telugu, I tried to get them to call me michelle but its a pretty much a tradition to use titles vs. an individual's name 

made friends with a street dog, who i saved scraps for and it kept coming back to receive free food but the neighbors didn't like it they threw rocks at it :( dogs are very different in India they are scavengers, you see them starving, tick infested, some have skin diseases, puppies wandering in the streets!! sad, but in India the buffalo, cow,  goats, and chickens are more important pets to them those animals they take very good care of.  I also saw some stray cats but cats only come out at night they are very hard to spot but people don't keep them as pets they are hunters and scavengers like dogs...Its rare for people to have cats and dogs as pets in india.

I also noticed how little bookstores there were and how comics are like non existent there ? maybe i'm looking in the wrong places but it made me feel like what am i doing with my life?!

vacation entertainment

 some stuff i was thinking about over my vacation and entertainment i consumed....

Social media in comics

Love interest in this comic is social media star

Edith  by swansgarden
 features a main character who is a nerd in highschool that turns into a social media star with large following besides the subject matter the style of the comic was really cute i like the pointy noses

 the inclusion of text sms screenshots is another rising trend used to move the narrative along, i think small doses of text screenshots is acceptable but long conversations or heavy story telling shouldn't be done like this, personally i find this format is very boring to read...and tends to pull me out of story


Skipping around a bit but i read Corduroy by don Freeman I forgotten the story but rereading it I must have enjoyed this story as a kid cause it wad so familiar and the opening page is similar to the intro of my comic paperdoll.

corduroy, Winnie the Pooh, raggedy anne & andy, and The velveteen rabbit probably inspired Toy story and before that The nutcracker or Pinocchio i am sure one could trace this concept of toys come to life further back

 This part is creepy like chuckie if I was that watchman I'd run for my life those but as a kid this was not scary totally normal

Best comics i read over my vacation! 
recoil had EXCELLENT coloring and the characters were diverse and well designed! the story was interesting too! can't wait for more! 
this is the same artist as taproot and i'm a big fan of their story telling style! they are good at making stories! :D
combine gangsters and dinosaurs meets the land before time wow this comic at first i didn't like it and thought it was very outlandish but soon found that was the joy of it! and the story was well constructed and illustrations were well made!! READ IT
a disney princess fan comic normally i would gaze over this but they did some bizarre stuff with the characters i was like hey this is creative and cool! :D 


I spent a lot of time watching philosophy videos,
note taking key concepts, and reading about certain thinkers
Here are some of my favorites

Best movies I watched on the plane

Sorry to Bother You
Wow i really enjoyed this heavily with symbolism and related to alternative modern reality. I felt the story was trying to make a comment on big companies like amazon and the effects of you tube on society and how we consume entertainment, as well as a big theme of slavery, the dangers of redefining a tool!! ALL i can say is holy was really good and i loved the artist character and how she challenged the problems in the main characters life. The girlfriend was a fun inner critique in the story! also the last third of the movie really threw me a  loop like I DID NOT EXPECT IT it took a serious turn for the dark side!!!! and I"M GOOD at guessing endings!! but not when writing is good! I loved how the ending so much! so creative, ahhhh I LOVED THIS MOVIE
Secret Superstar
I watched this cause the main character reminded me of my own book i'm writing and i like to read or watch other stories like mine to get inspiration to see how they end the story...i cried at the end of the movie on the plane lol this story got me so emotional I love how they tied this girl quest for music, with her mother, and her family life! AHHH the ending message was beautiful! 
Shape of the Water
I finally got around to watching this i've heard lots of good stuff about it! very cute take on lochness monster, fairy tale, love story! ahhh it was a refreshing spin on mermaids too :P I really enjoyed the choice of main character as well <3 

Monday, November 5, 2018

AFK - going to india for month

BOOK REVIEWS - as a general rule i try to read as many comics as i can get my hands on
Rocket Girl Vol 2 by Writer: Brandon Montclare Artist / Cover: Amy Reeder
going to have to say Amy Reeder you are a great artists, i spent a lot of time looking at her art, excellent backgrounds, and i kinda enjoyed all the crazy mouth expressions that were in the comic! The story kinda reminded me terminator but much more depressing ending, unbreakable time loop. and if there was a moral to the story i would think it would be "if  you want something done right, do it yourself."

Snot Girl vol 2 by Writer / Variant Cover: Bryan Lee O'Malley Artist / Cover: Leslie Hung
Super new edgy concept, a story about social media stars and a murderer mystery. The social media star is relatively a new thing for stories. I thought the O'Malley does well depicting the other side social media stars personalities. Off camera stories, which is a fun exploration.

Spectacle vol 1 by Megan Rose Gedris
Another murder mystery but with circus performers I really enjoyed the character designs in this book. Ive always had interest in circus culture so that what my initial lure and Gedris does a good job setting up characters and completing a mini story arch in volume one, left me wondering who was the murderer and going back looking for clues in the artwork. 🤔 Can't wait to read more!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

REviews oh and there will be spoilers

MORE READING reviews I like to write these cause you know years later i can go back and be like oh yeah that book it was by that author when i'm trying to talk about it ! AND FOR anyone who reads the blog looking for comic recommendations!!

I went to library and picked up a bunch of comics
BINGO LOVE by Tee Franklin, Jenn St. Onge
I really liked Bingo love, I really appreciated how the story took place over many years of these characters lives and you saw them  young and old, actually most of the story took place when they were older which is not as common in comics. The main character hazel was super adorable i loved all her hair designs and the fashion statements for the characters. The moment where they proclaimed their love was super adorable and gave me the feels!! I think my only quam with the story was how husband was dealt with to move him out of the way for the lesbian love to blossom. He was painted a perfect husband up until it was time to get him out of the way, then It was so like here's exposition of vague dialogue of why he's not good for her. then hes just like ok bye wife of so many years you have a chance to be happy hahah! what? I would liked to see the husband be sad about the divorce maybe SLOWLy get over it show it! or just have the husband meet and fall in love with someone new!? or if you are going to use the bad husband card work your way up to that point, put hints earlier into the story that makes him not the right one for her. Overall i really liked this book despite that one annoyance 
Heavy Vinyl by Carly Usdin, Nina Vakueva 
I like the main character Chris, her design is very cute and believable all the designs were well done i think the only i was on the fence about was the goth girl Dolores, she was very much the cliche from design to personality but it's only volume one! woo! who knows. I like the illustrations attention to background and cute clothes! The story came off very Saturday morning cartoon, record shop employees, with a secret vigilante crime fighting team. hahah oh it also has a lot to do with music culture from bands to music references but so far references someone my age would get, not like my 12 year old niece. This reminds me of Totally Spies a bit but more LGBQT friendly :3 I'm' going to say the first kiss between the main character and her love interest was really down played by the climax fight scene and it was just like one panel then the next day like oh we are normal again. hahaha I didn't like that HOLD UP people i need some breathing room this. The whole book i've been waiting for this and you just throw their kiss in hap hazard between punches!?! arggggg also the art semi reminds me of Mary Jane loves Spiderman comics by Takeshi Miyazawa its like manga-kai(ish) BUT WHO ISN'T THESE DAYS?!
Jem and the Holograms Infinite trade by Kelly Thompson, Stacey Lee, Jen Hickman, Jenn St-Onge 
I like the story concept of alternative universe and the idea of the rich 1 percent using the technology of synergy and everyone else bottom feeders two images of society the ghetto and the upperclass. As for the characters themselves its very same problems different day, but that's kinda the point of these characters since the writer is following the cartoon a lot in this aspect.  Their personal lives and problems seem to be stagnate.  I did read the volume one that Sophie Campbell illustrated awhile back too, that one is really good. I've always liked Campbell drawings, and i feel like Campbell has really has set the stage for these other artists and they are following in her footsteps step by step even some same outfits? I DUNNO if it was me i'd really go WILD with their looks but I get it tho, it's intimidating to challenge the design for fear of becoming too avant garde people might not interrupt the design as the established character. BUT i feel like you have to look at the cartoon they did some crazy stuff with Jem's fashion and weren't afraid of challenging themselves for each episode when it came to their outfits or style, that's one thing the cartoon did it really successfully :3 There was a couple of the alternative universe Jem fashions that i liked with the funky bun hair styles COOL! 

You know what I saw the other day some NOVEL / comic that Jen Bartel illustrated a few pages in SPACEPOP - not your average princess I didn't read it just read the comic pages and the back cover but it reminded me a lot Jem and the Holograms WITH a BATTLE OF THE BANDS and all >_o 

The Witch Boy by Molly Knox Ostertag
heyyyy this one was really good,  great step up, climax, resolution that tied up all loose ends in the comic with a RELEVANT MESSAGE FOR THE AUDIENCE TO TAKE AWAY WITH. There's a second one coming out and i have no idea what its going to be about hahah cause the first one was so clean at completing the story. I like enjoyable short stories that don't require ten million to be continued. Altho there are some stories that are good when they have lots of novels :P so its all what you plan for.


Tie on webtoons by team Thumos
Oh i like this one has some spicey moments XD gay space pilot training school genre while i was reading this i was thinking about STAR FIGHTER by Hamlet Machine and ON A SUNBEAM by Tillie Walden which are both comics that attempt this genre in a same but different way 

This one is SUPER COOL, simple concept but the execution is really on point, I love the design of the comic and characters i think the best part is coloring of the comic it works well with the story of the comic. Story is about a humor/ romance between employees of a tea shop vs a coffee shop and their competition to sell drinks! but the best part for me is the color palette is like the comic is colored with coffee and tea!!! 

MUSIC Tunes for listening 

Friday, October 26, 2018

webcomics fun times

Dragon Husbands by Puck on webtoons
AHHH this comic is so well drawn and i love the concept it kinda reminded me of a comic i did in the past a retelling of the lindorm king (altho i dont have the whole thing posted its part of  Once upon a Time anthology) dragon husbands is inspired by Chinese mythology, I like the dragon designs and character designs alot  <3 <3

IVO by Remi on webtoons this one is really good too!! I like how the creator writes the dialogue for Estivan :3 ITS SO STEAMY XD and drama filled! I couldn't stop reading it! hahaha

Nocturne by Ambat on Tapas Aww i love the art style for this comic super cool, cartoony, edgy and the story is interesting ;3

Altho vampire punk rockers? not a new concept, its a common profession for vampires to be some sort of deviants Lestat was a rock star in the Queen of the Damned

 Friday Fangs by Drunkenfists on tapas also features punk rock vampires BUT OH MAN this comic has some great coloring tho and i love some of the set up shots :O Ho ho ho

I know that Lost Boys are not in a band but they ARE PUNKS?
So hot XD anyway!!!!!

Trash Canon by KFComics on tapas I like the character designs for this comic a lot, and how the story is set up to be comedy, day in the life of K/J-pop band humor, its not a linear story but very fun take on the band genre

Always Human by walkingnorth on webtoons I haven't had the time to read this but it was recommended by someone else and i just need to get around to reading this tooo!!!