Friday, February 16, 2018

full sketchbook September 2017 to February 2018

That seems like a long time 6 months to have a sketchbook...i really did try to fill the pages up as much as possible looking back at my older sketchbooks I didn't use the  WHOLE page ( that or i just wouldn't photograph the blank pages)....and honestly I don't know why I did that cause now i'm stuck with all these books that I feel compelled to carry with me to my grave! Sometimes I think I should finish some of my old sketchbooks...but i'm CONFLICTED with...intertwining...the years it will confuse me..ack..but unused paper! I CAN'T WASTE PAPER trees had to die...I must honor their sacrifice! ack MY OTHER EXCUSE is ...i did thumbnail a whole book during the time i was using this sketchbook @_@ I DID roughly 275+ 5.5X8.5" thumbnails ..originally the book was 262 then about a couple of months later i re...thumbnailed the end of the book which was about 25-35 pages? I dunno i'd have to go!!!!