Monday, April 30, 2018

this needs to be addressed

Looking at you just now
I was thinking how beautiful you were,
but then you talked and now everything is gone.
I love you, titty grab
a few words spoken
just get out, I hate you
pushed to the floor, dragged out

pretzel brain
there's no need to act like that 
you always know how to make me mad
you always know how to turn me on
how would you feel if I met someone?
do whatever you want.
go kiss the cleaning lady


Washed out
pushed out
things that are not mine
vivid pictures of dying over and over
pressure to leave its too dark
stock piled and closed off
swirling red storm
so much demolished
thought I was going to die
no apologies throw out the chaos
but um
sad situations are really random
so much stigma to be weird 

Thursday, April 26, 2018


ahhh amy made this for my birthday! I love this rendition! it makes isabell seem very realistic!! i'm geekin' out! 
I'm drawing this graphic novel but not really dropping many WIPS for it but this from page 122 XD AMY AND I make a cameo in the comic as Highborn's biggest fans! its just a easter egg moment but i find it too funny! haha i feel a little crazy making this comic...but i am at the half way  thats good i think the second half will be more fun to draw...:P and will go faster? honestly i just want to get it over with and do stuff to promote/show/pitch it once all the inks are done

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Egg thief

a wood block print from 2008 i updated! if you are wondering here's the original on my Deviantart (somewhere i have the blocks and could stamp more of these) anyway i edited this on the computer to make it more clear and make the colors more uniform! in those days i was kinda whatever happens happens mentality but looking back i feel like the message was a bit lost because some of the characters didn't print dark enough *shrug* live and learn but i'll forgive myself because to a certain degree that's the beauty of the medium

this little character actually exists with all other my mythology characters his name is ZUZU hes a mischievous imp sometime in the future i'd love to do a story with him and Forese (shes a flower god)

El Chico Nuevo 2003


I cleaned up the line art and added the text! i didn't have the old script to use so i had to write a new one! it took me sometime and a lot of dictionary help :P But i do remember some stuff and did study it for 5 years in school and i still read Spanish comics and listen to the Spanish radio stations when i'm in the car! I'm sure i still made some mistakes! pardoname! It was fun to write in Spanish despite the challenge :P I WOULD DO IT AGAIN! Lol and yes i did use comic sans only cause its homage to my noob chibi self :P

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

video trash

yearning to remember flimsy ideas from the dark
life married to a pillow
dirty nails and bad breathe
strings wrapped around chairs
a viable sparkle

it's dirty if someone else indulges in it
but if yours it's immaculate and holy
what an excuse
it's pee so walk around it

so drenched laser away 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Attack reload comic

yeah..this comic is 12 years old....XD IT'S older than my human child hahaha but it's pretty good...I made this when I took a Comic Art Continuing Studies Class at MCAD and Ryan Kelly was the teacher!! This was the final project! I remember being super excited that he was going to be the teacher when I signed up and i would still be! Also extra bonus I met Cathy Johnson who was also in the class with me. This comic has it's little problems here and there..but has faded well. :P I still like this character..but this is way too ghost in the shell for me...I would redesign this character and do something different. I DID however...update the wheels on the motorcycle even tho..i couldn't really save it without a full redraw. I did also place all the inks on a template so the pages were sized the same. sadly when i drew this...i drew the..bleeds and panel borders on the trim line...i had very little understanding of...print stuff in those days 

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Ginger stories

Train yo dog!!!
I going to go out on a limb and say i think i did a pretty good job with Ginger! A pet peeve of mine is..people with untrained dogs...dogs aren't born knowing how to live in a human world  you have to teach them. Ginger has her moments where shes over excited or loud...but overall shes super smart and loving. She loves treats, SUPER FOOD motivated! Honestly Ginger is more popular than I am..people don't even know my name but they do remember Ginger's name! lol

Tricks Ginger knows-
play dead, sing (bark on command), dance, beg (she sits on her hind legs), twirl (two directions), roll over (two directions), whisper(small whimper), wave (she raises a paw), be silly (she sticks her butt up wagging her tail), shake, jump (I have hoop she jumps thru), Through( which she runs thru my legs and then sits in front of me.) around(she walks around me and sits down), sit, lay down, roll a ball (she pushes a ball with her nose), fetch a ball, Find it (basically hide and seek i tell her to stay and i hide the ball then she waits for my command to find it) balance treats on her nose and catch them, and stay. For each of these tricks I developed a unique hand sign for each one i don't need to say the command she actually reads my hand signs! 

Tricks we are working on perfecting is Crawl she can do this but she scratches my hand :(  trying to get the treat so i have to work on her not hitting my hand.  Weave she has to weave thru my legs in a figure 8 haha she confuses this with thru and around but can do it with guidance. DIG most of the time she will dig on command if i get her excited about it. My son has a baby piano and I'll say "play the piano"..she will play it to get treats XD but really she smashes it with her paws like give my treats!  

She loves to trick me and my partner to feed her twice..we feed her once a day mid day..around that time she will go up to me or my husband pretend like she hasn't eaten go to her bowl look sad..and many times she will trick either me or my husband into feeding her again...LOL

She is pretty good on the leash, she does know heel..but she loves to forget so she can sniff everything! i CONSTANTLY have to remind her cause i...really..hate being pulled along or having her choke on a walk...but i tell her to heel she will walks backwards to stand next to me 

also the trick I've never been able to teach her the leash walking...which makes me sad cause i would love to not use a leash for Ginger and just know she will stay near me...and i think she would like it too~! but whenever i try this with her like at starts out ok..then...she..realizes hey...i don't have a leash...i can go anywhere!!! then she just gets distracted into this hunting dog mode and starts bookin' it!!! omg heaven forbid she sees something..she will just take off like a rocket running and barking like CYA SUCKA!!!

in 2014 she ran away one time i was at work and someone called me like..yeah i have your dog...i found her on a road! and this other time she tried to was raining and muddy she saw squirrel...SQUIRRELS..she hates them they mock her SHE FLEW PAST ME WHEN I OPENED THE DOOR and I was just in a big t shirt and some underpants and i didn't even think twice..LOL I JUST RAN AFTER HER FULL SPEED TERMINATOR MODE !! I chased her around our apartments  BAREFOOT i ended up falling down a muddy hill it hurt but i was so determined to catch her I just rolled and got back up running at her...Ginger saw me trip and get back up...she started cowering and let me catch her..i think she knew XD she was in trouble or felt bad for me i dunno..but most epic dog catch ankle hurt for a couples days after...

I remember when i first got Ginger she use to bark a lot...SHE WAS REALLY LOUD with her beagle bay especially when she was caged while i was at work i had to use a shock collar to curb that behavior after nothing else worked it didn't take long only like a month of using that collar and she stopped barking in her cage...I haven't used it since. But she does like to talk/bark like if someone beats on our front door (but only sometimes?) or she thinks she hears something or gets scared by a noise. Sometimes i like to talk to her like i'll imitate her bark which kinda sounds like BOOF its starts out BOOF BOOF then AROOF AROOORORO lol i'll makes a boof noses and pretend like i hear something and then she'll chime in hahah

When Ginger is at the dog park...she never bites any other dogs but she uses this special technique to scare away other annoying dogs away...(i've seen her do this multiple times) she gets close to their ear like yeah you sniff me we cool... then ARF she barks super loud in their ear! scaring the other dog away! hahah She not a big fan of dogs sniffing her butt and I've noticed she is kinda bossy not all that keen on puppies bouncing all up in her face. She loves to wonder around the edge of the dog park...trying to find a way out of the gate...i have to watch her to make sure doesn't...escape. haha

Ginger a pretty good kids son plays a game with her which is catch ginger! but shes is too quick. She will whip around the house top speed, using her claws to stop on a dime, she really loves to show off making these hair brain turns around furniture. Once I've seen him about to catch her and Ginger just leaps over him to avoid being caught! lol like  "can't catch me I'm the gingerbread dog!" XD

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

my sister from another mother

LOL amy sent this to me today and i laughed so hard

I made this for amy its a picture of one her WIP shes always sending me progress reports on her artwork and other goodies its great! I look forward to her messages!

collaborations with amy  these are my lines and her coloring
ahh she colored this really old piece by me.. think i drew it in 2007 or so?

Fanart i drew of her character Viator who shes writing a novel for 
XD i censored this!!! craven would never wear underpants


Red Velvet really like this band new favorite :P
Rupaul - The
night club-dear dude this band is so great!!!
Night Club - Precious
Night Club -
Dusty Springfield - Spooky
Lesley Gore - You Don't Own Me (1964).youtube
Wham! - Everything She Wants (Official Video).youtube
Wham! - Bad Boys (Official Video).youtube
[Official Video] Yousei Teikoku - Astral Dogma - 妖精帝國.youtube OMG Yousei Teikoku HAS STOLEN MY HEART!!!! it kinda reminds me of malice mizer but so its own
[Official Video] Yousei Teikoku - Kuusou AHHHHHH
[Official Video] Yousei Teikoku - Hades:The
[Official Video] YouseiTeikoku - Mischievous of
[Official Video] Yousei Teikoku - Shito Kanadeshi Hametuno YESSS BURN BABY
Azealia Banks - Movin' On Up (Video).youtube
Miley Cyrus - Younger Now (Full Album).youtube
Calvin Harris - Feels (Official Video) ft. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry, Big
Janelle Monáe – Make Me
Bruno Mars - Finesse (Remix) [Feat. Cardi B] [Official Video].youtube
RuPAUL 06,
Rupaul-don't be jealous of my boogie .youtube
Ayumi Hamasaki - Rule [PV].youtube
RuPAUL 03. Cover Girl (Put The Bass In Your Walk).youtube

Monday, April 9, 2018

johnny 2018

Lol after awhile i was like..uhh maybe this wasn't a good idea hahah
i tried to redraw this old character with some new doesn't look much like him!? LIKE HE GOT TOO OLD or something its funny cause i've also gotten older hahaha but i was like i want to make him hairy, give him some pointy ears, bigger nostrils, and nails..but oh whatever it was a good try i feel like i've lost my emo aesthetics...maybe this..would be better if i put a hoodie on him :P
yeahhh so cheezy :P but i like pop art quality of this

XD hey this was quality stuff back in the day!!! 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

draft written in may 2012

some advice i've learned about life thus far, be polite, smile you will get your way more and it's contagious if you give good energy you will recieve it, dont dwell on the negative people or things in life it will only bring you heartache, try new things once, listen to others you will find wisdom in living another life, don't dwell on greed and material items it can consume you, be happy enjoy life, forgive others mistakes happen to everyone, feed your mind and body, 

Johnny is a werewolf

HI-YO :d old comics..yess see the the light of day again! ...i did edit..them a TAD cause the first two pages are from 2005 and oh..lordy those were..some messed up dimensions and...DPI lol both pages were different sizes and only 72 dpi *covers face and slumps in chair*  and the second two are from 2006 which were inked traditional but at least i did scan them at 300 DPI :D and sized the same YAY i had come at least that far progress wise

easter egg: page two -panel two my middle sister makes a cameo as girl in the background who gets shoved, panel 3 I make a cameo my self portrait is the girl with the stockings, and panel 5 my sister is in the butterfly shirt..these were our fashion statements at the time.
also page 1 the background is based of my dad's old apartment building 3533  in Minneapolis MN which he sold a long time back

Pink Floyd-have a

while i drew this..these songs were played...i know cause of the file names...

Looking back..hmmm punks and parties..are some of my favorite things to draw.....? which i dunno why cause i hate background people!!! AHH