Monday, May 21, 2018

redraw pose

 AYE :P i was lazy hahah 
* slaps bad graphic photo in background*

Sunday, May 20, 2018


I really like this band right now XD
Night Club - "Strobe Light" (Official Video)

*Squeals in excitement*
Band Vs. Band webcomic
:p this is a great comic!!! READ IT
it does remind me of jem and the holograms but if the pizzazz and jem were lesbains XD
the main characters also remind me of bubblegum and marceline but that is very surface level
the amount of crazy stuff this artist does with typography really blows me over. It really feels like they are singing the whole comic! I love the use of the blue and pink hues as the color palette. Just overall super inventive for the band life genre i found this super fun since it kinda goes hand it hand with what i'm working on too! I might need to draw these characters! MUAHAHA I love aaron's inking ITS SO LIKE WHATEVER but perfect :P
Long Exposure tapas yes i love the artwork on this one
Mesmers web comic on tapas ANOTHER great story i love the concept the main character is fun
Ten Earth Shattering Blows web comic HEY i've linked this before but SERIOUSLY it has some intense drawing that will mess you up! ALL THE LITTLE background PEOPLE SO WELL DRAWN so much great action!!! *faints*

Comic collection on Deviantart
yes...I...edited my favorites so all the comic pages where in one place....SO I COULD LOOK AT THEM ALL in a neat organized way!! Lol there is 10,437 images in this was a lot of work but worth it!!! confession... I horde images not only on deviantart but on my computer as well! I do collect images of paintings, comics, photographs, illustrations, whatever i think is cool but I do keep the comic art separate...comics are so dense with panel layouts, each panel illustration, typography, the story! so many things to consider that take more than one view to really absorb everything.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


acceptable in the 80's
nude pinup look
checker en vogue
rough brush look

I've decided to move all my pony posts to this blog!! and add the rest of the photographs i've taken of my little pony collection over the years! Now i will say it is not this big anymore! it only consists of all the G1's and some select special ones i chose because of memories or special meaning to me :P
but back when i moved...i sold...soooooo many.........looking back it kinda made me sad!? but man what a weight was lifted! i think i sold like 500-600 plus castles and so many cool accessories!
I haven't really been collecting ...i think i bought 3 since 2013 o.O...
I WANT ALL THE TWINKLE EYES...MIMIC!!! you will be mine! the Rockin beat set, and a set of Merry Go Carousel MLP! I also like the glitter body ones!!
XD i already have tuneful NEED REST OF THE BAND

 I only want to collect G1 ponies....
I'm saving these for my mid life crisis....later...XD

Thursday, May 10, 2018

cover designs

This is the first cover i drew for the book but it was rejected...for being too scary? I was going for shock value.....the typography meh i did not put that on there the graphic designer did i know when this was rejected i was feeling exhausted..and looking back I just gave up when it came to redesigning a new cover...anyway this concept was always better in my mind.

Read the whole comic pirated on Comic Extra:
By len wallace, michelle silva, dave tuney, thomas mauer

Using Graphic Novels in Education: Trickster By Merle Jaffee.
an article I found about trickster

After i'm done making this book...i want to make a web want to make in the scroll format :P

Monday, May 7, 2018

sketchbook tour

Fallen into a hole on youtube search word...SKETCHBOOK TOUR
worth it. so worth it
I find i like OLD art. it's funny how this generation of artists all their first drawing attempts kinda look the same... makes me wonder about other generations of artists i'm talking pre anime/cartoons PRE TV PRE INTERNET what did their old art looked like ?! 

Also i'm super impressed how many people make sketch books with so many finished pieces...damn my sketch books are beaten, ripped, spilt on, drawn in different directions, written on, rolled, overall completely lack "clean" finished pieces....i think...i need to challenge myself and make a sketchbook full of finished pieces!? DOES THAT SEEM CRAZY?
>_> I might never finish it...cause that idea seems like a ...a illustration book not a SKETCHBOOK arg..but the idea of doing something different seems tempting...


Maty Noyes - Say It To My
Groove Coverage-best of
Miike Snow - Back Of The
Duck Sauce - Barbra
AronChupa - Little Swing ft. Little Sis
Lucky Charmes - What's Up!?.youtube
ATC - I'm In Heaven When You Kiss UNICORNSSSSS

>_< i wanna go to cake but i am unable to :(
so many good artists i like are going...*cries*
i 've also wanted to go to MOCCA, SPX, CALA/SD zinefest/ LAzinefest, VANCAF, NYCC, and TCAF really bad BEFORE I DIE i'll go...for sure..