Saturday, June 9, 2018

Tale of Eku

I finally wrote the story to go with these paintings i drew so long ago!!!
:P The character Tu-zadar also has a face off with Forese 
I actually have more ideas for Eku's spirit and what happens to it after this!!! 
:p *scheming* 

Sunday, June 3, 2018


Motor Crush by Babs Tarr, Brenden Fletcher and Cameron Stewart
I BOUGHT THE volume 1 trade off amazon! Omg...Do i love this comic! wow babs tarr does wonderful work and great motorcycle fight scenes its very epic and i love the characters so much~!!! I feel like the story is cool but babs art really sells the story for me :P 
Gorgeous by Cathy G. Johnson
First read i felt like it was too short? but after re-reading i found it to be layered and a simple yet very effective story about finding yourself in a most unexpected way! Even tho one of the character made SOME REALLY bad decision making...which seemed to go against common sense to me? but can't have a story if everyone makes the right choices?
GOOD job cathy i love her pencil work on this comic :) 
From Under Moutains  by Claire Gibson, Marian Churchland, Sloane Leong
AHH i bought this thinking that churchland was going to be illustrating it?! bah she was just the cover artist...altho! leong is such a good artist and i'm a big fan of her work she did not disappoint me! i want her prism stalker when it comes out in the trade...anyway I loved the artwork for this book...altho i was sad that she wont be doing vol. 2 that is a big buzz kill for me its like watching a TV series and next season they change all the actors for next season. :/ The story alone doesn't  have enough to hold me without leong. The story didn't seem to go past...establish characters and setting them on a quest....i felt like more could've been done to move the story along and make it more dynamic cliff hanger


DEADPOOL2 DAMMIT i love deadpool....i don't want to say much besides its my favorite marvel movie going on currently! I know someone complained at the women in freezer trope which yes it was there but it wasn't like one scene played over and over of her. she did talk, give insight/help to main character! I also did see infinity wars and it was good too for finally putting together an epic in a great way! but deadpool is much more cynical and a bit more unique parody of the whole genre :) PLUS TIME TRAVEL PEOPLE