Thursday, August 30, 2018

just haven't had time

AHHh this is so old 2007!! just one of those ones i was hording :P but i just slapped
some colors on it cause its so damn cute!

I've drawn 218 pages for my graphic novel Click Track Lolita!
I just finished a bunch of scanning and ink edits ...i have 42 pages left to draw....
>_> and then i can letter...the whole book...then i'll make a proposal .........i'll tone it last I HAND DREW TONES FOR THIS SHIT *slams fist on table*.....i'm happy that I'm finally going finish this comic. I wrote the initial concept in 2004 i kid you not...I NEED to finish this so i can close this chapter of my life.... in a beautiful finished piece
I feel crazy but i'm having fun and that's all that matters.

Then get this..........
 i plan to start another book...I WANT IT TO BE EVEN MORE EPIC SO MUCH FIGHTING! AHHHh yes....I think i wanna teach myself sketch up or do some 3d digital background THAT SEEMS EASY? maybe not? i wanna make my life easier!! *sobs*

I'm a slow turtle....
I know there are so many other artists that have a even bigger body of work...
and I have no words for that....

Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive (1977)

make up and hair

BUAHAHA the last ones are scary but i think its the bad photos!!? OR BAD MODEL XD
but no seriously i'm ok with being a little weird or scary XD

I got a new HAIR CUT!! :D

 garbage camera bah *punt kick*
Since now my hair is no longer super feminine, I'll keep my make up normal HAHA before i had long hair so i did a lot of weird make up...gotta balance things

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

do the time warp

xD  his pants IT WAS FASHIONABLE ok hahah

>_> i wanna dance!!! my secret confession is I would love do competitive/performance dance with a partner or a group!? its so COOL! I like all their sparkly *_* dancing outfits!!!! :) Hmm i would probably do salsa or swing..but its so hard to pick i enjoy so many style of dance!!!  i think my favorite solo is defiantly belly dancing!! hahah :P its fun to watch dance videos AND DANCING too! In general dancing is a great way to feel good and exercise!

some cool dance videos i like :3
MARQUESE SCOTT cool dubstep dancing
Salsa Dancing in Cali (
Boogie Woogie Competition WILD | Rock That Swing
Evolution of Dance: the 80's to
waveya dance i like their covers they do a good job
just about any break dance competition is worth it to watch!
Aya and i think their style is super interesting
so you think you can dance
all types of cultural/traditional dance are really interesting as well :D

Sunday, August 26, 2018

best movie of 2018!?!?!?!



XD i am going to go out on a limb and say yes...i thought this was better than infinity wars!!!! I was laughing so hard during the whole movie!! IT was such a well put together the story...I loved how it literally picked up right were the first one left off time wise! Mr. Incredibles adventures in parenting were so true and funny but with super powers! The discovery of jack jacks powers were so harlious! the COOKIE MONSTER!! i died cause my own son turns evil when the cookies run out too! I almost died laughing when Mr. incredible was like "i can do math." LOL! Violet with all her boy problems i liked how in the end it wasn't about the boy but her wanting to fight crime with her family! but all the boy drama made for some super funny scenes!
During the whole movie they did a great job of keeping me guessing who was screen saver!?  I was shocked at the dark words that screen saver said during that scene where elastic girl was looking for screen saver it really rung true with audiences even now! and I loved when screen saver took over the other superheros and made them evil!! I liked how they picked out superhero powers that complimented the main characters powers so it made for an epic ending fight!!! Elastic Girl was so bad ass!!! I like how in the beginning she mentioned she was a hypocrite for fighting crime when she criticized her husband for fighting crime in the first movie. Elastic Girl's ideals were cool i liked how she was a believed in upholding the law even if it was against her super powers...that she wanted to change the laws "right way". I also really liked that line in the end violet said about the criminal being rich so they just get off with minor jail time! I nearly spit out my popcorn! it was a great critique of our criminal justice system said in jest by a cartoon character!!!!

HOnestly theres more content for the incredibles too! they left some things unanswered!

actually i kept guessing that the bad guy could've been Mr.incredible himself when Helen became so popular i thought omg they could do a a story about a jealous spouse and THEM HAVING A MARITAL ISSUES AND maybe a duel AHHH i thought damn i'll just write that story myself....that might be too dark for PIXAR but it could be seriously a goooooood story

Autoptic 2018 Zinefest HAUL!!!

I spent too much money and..sadly i wanted to buy MORE!!!  I'm just going to to review my favorite zines i got! I noticed i bought a lot of romances? hahah IT WAS UNINTENTIONAL

What is Left by Rosemary Valero-O'Connell  the coloring was really nice and the story was cool I like the concept of brainwaves as a fuel source! but don't worry the plot is much more than that! 

Monkey Chef by Mike Freiheit was a fun love story told from a male perspective i really enjoyed how he related his own relationship troubles to primates throughout the story! Fun autobiographical read! 

Teenage Trash Party by Barbara Guttman  I really had to get this because i love punks! it kinda reminds me of my own story i'm writing! but with owls! i really loved the toning on this comic! it was a quick kill horror story with great art! 

Little Goods by Leda Zawacki- a lesbian mythology story! i liked the character designs and enjoyed the ending. I had mixed reactions about the sky god's negative reaction since he was suppose to be god of good magic, and the god of "evil" was really understated at the end?  I would've interchanged the reactions of those two to fit with their characters better? but maybe that was the point!? Overall i really like Leda artwork check out her website!   

I really enjoyed both pockets is a continuation of some of the characters from as the crow flies her novel! had to give her money! and tell her how cool she was! XD even tho i might've frightened her with my excitement! ;P

Jade by Fiona Avocado   Fiona is super cool! I first learned about her art thru a gallery show at a red and white punk rock coffee shop in Oregon in 2014! Cool to meet the artist finally! I liked her story too it seemed very inspired by Oregon and the beauty of nature! 

Ski Mask Jerry By Carly Haack- everyday life humor comic! I really dig the style of this comic and how she arranged the panels. 

After i ran out of money i went around collecting business cards, giving compliments, and taking pictures of artists i was unfamiliar with so i could look them up online! 

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Reading Webcomics

Cupido I like the concept behind this one modern day cupid

Wandering by Pearsfears a short one shot romance story i like the main character designs

Danse orbitale (EN) webcomic on Tapas really cute queer love story featuring dancers!

Elysion Age by Alexis Hernandez
this one was completed a while back but i really enjoyed the character designs and the hero quest approach

New Fairy tales by mugencomics Retells popular fairy tales but DONE RIGHT! I really enjoyed her version of The Little Mermaid! ahhh and i like what she is doing with Cinderella too! just READ IT!

Stonebreaker by Peter Wartman Ahhhhh this blew me away. the fantasy world that the author is building is complex and unique. I really enjoyed his mythology and the backgrounds were crazy good.

Distant Sky on Webtoons super detailed post apocalyptic horror story somewhat reminds me of floating classroom? but takes a unique turn! VERY SCARY STUFF!!!! BIG FAN!

Kill Six Billion Demons by Abbadon I'm already linking this comic on my side bar but...its so good i just got caught up again...and I...can't believe the intensity of the art and story of this comic! GO GO GO READ THIS PIECE!