Sunday, September 30, 2018

photography comics

2 am...and I find myself reading a barbie posing comic...
XD THE idea of making a comic like this looks soo fun
 playing with toys here doo dee doo and ;3 making comics!
This comic also makes me think about .....
Kimono's Town House another great toy comic
BUT My little Pony G3

the idea of using photography is defiantly not new...and something I'VE ATTEMPTED!
 lol these were made in 2004 :P

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Lady Death

I like the chaos comics version :/

I own both of these graphic novels and they are AWESOME XD
I really like Steven Hughes art >_>

Thursday, September 27, 2018

pokemon dump

ROMANCE COMICS i'm so there! with bells on!

Heart Stopper By Alice Oseman awww so darn adorable i like the simple style also the characters are very lovable 

Not Serious about Serious by Kitsune Chon Really enjoyed the toning and story ;3 XD Lots of sexual tension hahah

most of these sketches are from 2005 i had this great idea to age ash XD WHY THEY NEVER DID IT in the show made me so mad LOl i give up on Pokemon...I like the coma theory tho if you have to go with one hahaha

XD This one is still pretty good hahaha

this image use to have the most favorites for so long on my DA 
but i deleted it because it was a stupid pokemon fanart
and the stomach is like rubber >_< but the Pokemon look good  Lol at pikachu

hwat XD

Wednesday, September 26, 2018


can't tell you how much i love disco -soul train era music
The Gap Band Burn Rubber On
Tom Tom Club Genius of
Johnny Kemp - Just Got Now i grew up with the n sync version but they really didn't change this song just tried to sing the song like Johnny Kemp...
Cheryl Lynn - Star I love her energy
Indeep - Last Night A DJ Saved My
Evelyn "Champagne" King - Betcha She Don't Love really like her outfit in this performance need a outfit like this hahah
Born to be alive - Patrick such fun dancing in this video ;3

Can i just say if you are going to do a band/musician comic please....PLEASE consider not doing the battle of the bands plot line XD i can't tell you how many i've read that story arch?! its just cliche. Think about it........When was the last time you saw a real battle of the bands show?! EH!?

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


I've been listening to this girl talk about how to write, i really like her advice its quick and to the point and she covers lots of different topics! now i need to read something she wrote cause i really enjoy her self help 

Another pod cast i enjoy listening to while i'm working :D SO MANY great artists that i enjoy, really fun to hear them talk about their work :3
Study group also has a lot of cool webcomics on their site too!! SO much experimental cool stuff

ugh *gets buried is bowsette images* XD lol
THAT AND WITCHES! ughhh no more

Fletcher hanks

Friday, September 21, 2018


yeah since i spend so much time grouping artists into styles I'M GOING TO GROUP MYSELF with like artists...granted...some of these artists might be... close to me but maybe better? OR i feel like I WISH I WAS AS GOOD AS THEM? but i try to keep this stylistically the same...

What do i think this style is? Its a way of drawing that shares common ground in character design, eyes have pupil, glare, balance between anime and comic style, sharing face/jaw shapes, diverse body types, backgrounds, as well as freedom of line which can be a bit loose.
Now i'm going to be open with medium cause if i restricted this to my favorite medium INK or line art this list would be smaller

Ryan Kelly
well i have to say him first because i've been a fan for so long that its probably influenced my art to a certain degree but >_> BUT WE do kinda have a heavy black ink style, and semi loose

Aud koch on instagram the figures and background fit well :P

Ming Doyle 

MAYBE PAUL POPE??? ehhhhhh i say this one cause someone has said this to me

Claire Roe just found this artist but it did remind me of my own style and i liked that shes kinda loose which is very much something i can get on board with

Munadraws instagram i feel like her loose, stylistic characters somewhat reminds me of my own but i do think she one up me because she only uses color how i think we are related is eyes,body shapes, fashion,

Sloane Leong brush and ink, eyes, face, figure drawing style, backgrounds

Naomi Franquiz

Magstoons on Instagram another artists recently discovered but their art reminds me of my own the way they draw characters but they are way cleaner in line art then I but still similar

Molly Nemecek on Instagram Ever since i stumbled on their art i thought hey they draw like me...they are even is a little messy XD

Ray Girardin instagram recent find but so good, diverse character designs, great anatomy, Altho they uses different mediums which i prefer but still there is something familiar there...

Alan Kaplan Great comic artist love their backgrounds but there is something familiar about their style to my own...

Aluisio Santos This one i was a bit on the fence about...since his coloring style is very unique and stylized cell shade but his inking and drawing style falls into this group for sure.

Becky Cloonan Definatly inks backgrounds, and body diversity, faces and jawlines are good match

Sophie Campbell their inking ,backgrounds, body shapes fit in...I'm a little on the fence about the eyes since they vary alot for the character >_> hmmmm

Amy Otteson but her drawing style is very different but when she is doing photo manips i think she fits into this group

Ursula Decay

Paulina Ganucheau

Jamie Mckelvie

Jen Bartel

hernandez brothers 

um...i feel like these last 5 could be a group in themselves?! I feel like my figures remind me of them but they are very clean

Hmmm when grouping myself it seems less clear...hahah I FEEL LIKE i need a third party?!?!  but honestly your style is just kinda a combination of all the things in the world you are interested in SUBCONSCIOUSLY and consciously as well as your life experiences....


a monthly comic/story challenge I did back in june on instagram but now just got around to putting it together as a scroll comic! :D hmmm i'll spend some time and set it as pdf ...later!! :> but i think the scroll works well for now 


Wednesday, September 19, 2018

pretty boys and girls

*sobs* AMY colored this for me long time ago 
Ahhh I love it !!!!!!!!
 LOL this image is only 400 px big that she lifted it off some some sketch compilations i had posted... i like the pattern on her corset :O the inks were drawn in 2008! O_O oof its 2018...hey 10 years old drawing... sometimes you draw a piece and your like "WOW that's good"...then you can't match that level again ...until years later?
*pats self on back* I'm a good drawr'


LOL these are me

Tapas Webcomics library 
Tapas can be hard to navigate the main page only recommends a SMALL portion of the comics available i find surfing other peoples libraries is the best way to find good comics :)

Monday, September 17, 2018

Old drawing

 just reconfigured the anatomy drawn 2005? I don't really give up on old ideas i just keep transforming them i'm thinking her name is Anaya or Akshya :3

Sunday, September 16, 2018


was with someone who was part of my past in a hotel room. We met there for a reunion it was sweet and happy at first. The hotel room was dingy and in a bad part of town the owner knocked on the door and pushed their way in, I fought with them about allowing them enter and we fought over the door. They wanted payment for the room, my friend paid the owner 500$ for the room and then the owner went on their way counting the money. I was mad at my friend for...paying so much for such a poor quality room, they said they didn't care it was worth it to them. Then they were left giving me a gift as they walked out the door. I opened the box and it was a cake that said my name... and I was left there looking at the cake feeling sad and alone.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

wind and water spirits

man lately been feeling depressed about art and my life in general...I feel like I work really hard on my art and get very little traction!!? Lots of things compiling is starting to get heavy on my heart. I love looking at art it's very pleasurable and educational but there is a dark side where I also feel very small in a big world. I feel over saturated...possibly... Also my child is reaching the age where he will soon go to preschool...and I will return to work....and thinking about what kind of career I want to do....i'd love to draw for a career but sometimes i'm not sure since i'm so devoted to drawing what I want and then my mind returns to my first point. On top of that my graphic novel is coming to a a combination of those things are leaving me feeling desolate to the point a tear appears! I try super hard not to cry and be happy... I DON'T EVEN LIKE TO SAY IT. I'm a big believer in "I think therefore I am". kinda "Fake it until you make it!" so its really important for me to put out the positive energy to stay positive?!  blarg

anyway i'll try to keep my shit together...
DUDE this movie is NOT FOR KIDS 
maybe older kids!?
I cried during the movie at an important scene 
 whoa this movie plot is totally wild and speaks volumes human race constant abuse of the ecosystem, other species, and the earth natural resources....

Now i still need to watch Kimba the White lion...<_<

hey just read this today...super good...Loved the art... reminded me of spy vs spy, pink floyd the wall animation, and heavy metal art, creation stories all mashed together but really evolved into it's own. I enjoyed their comic and how it focused on the evil deity Zagar and their life cycle. Octane took a lot of time to world built and create all these side stories and cultures. 

Thursday, September 13, 2018

omg ash

lol a WIP i started in 2005 the other day i thought i should finish this...
let's do this...XD

read webcomics people work hard

Witchy by Ariel Slamet Ries
NEED to read these reminding myself

Blackwater By Eli Hirsch

Long Exposure by Marsoid

I feel like black water and.... Long exposure are very much related in art and a little bit story wise just change mutant powers to werewolves!  O_O WHEN YOU ARE ME and you read everything you get your hands on there are so many connections in the world BUT both are super good :O

Radio Silence by Vanessa Stefaniuk
read this one as well super good LOVE THE backgrounds coloring! This is very day in the life of a British band

Puu by Nabigal-Nayagam Haider Ali This is super creative comic style. I love how the eyes are always next to each other and the use of the flat colors! JUST GO READ IT! ahh

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Popular web comic style 2018

Love Circuits art by Genue Revuelta

Jet Black by Stephanie Mided(Noctart) on tapas

Rock Cocks art by Leslie Brown (Feeeeeshy) NSFW This comic i just read... its really good and LONG its like 500 + pages! its the battle of the bands but with tons of sex haha

Rainbow by Rain and Sunny Gloom on Tapas

Preheat by Bilvy on Tapas

Rock and Riot by Chelsey Furedi on Tapas

Improvise by robotsharks on tapas

Full Circle art by Christianne Goudreau

Honey and Venom by Kurzz and Catuallie on tapas

Jamie by Bri Indigo (NDGO) on tapas

Jenn st-onge - comic artist

Scape by Lauren Myers

Alice and the Nightmare by Michelle "Misha" Krivanek

Princess Princess by Katie O’Neill (StrangelyKatie)

Molly Knox Ostertag - comic artist
The World in Deeper Inspection by Reimena Yee them specifically their characters cause their backgrounds seem to be inspired by ottoman book paintings-patterns BLAH but this comic is so well crafted

I feel like this style is very rounded...uncomplicated eyes often just black maybe one highlight but very expressive. Some of the mouth shapes seem influenced by Steven Universe. The noses seem to be simple shapes lots of what i would call a button nose, cell shaded or seemingly flat colors DIGITAL, sometimes colored line art. Possibly too the thickness of line? Diverse character designs tho? but its the noses, jawlines, eyes, coloring, for me that hold this group together...!!

It seems to be popular on Tapas and hiveworks  I MEAN THERE'S LOTS OF STYLES THAT ARE popular but this one seems to be on the rise....

Image result for cave paintings

The way i look at it, you live part of a society....its impossible to not be affected by your external world... even if you become a hermit at birth (lol that's if you survive with no family) and decide to draw haha you will be influenced by the natural world and the shapes that nature creates

GG Allin - Bite it you