Tuesday, October 30, 2018

REviews oh and there will be spoilers

MORE READING reviews I like to write these cause you know years later i can go back and be like oh yeah that book it was by that author when i'm trying to talk about it ! AND FOR anyone who reads the blog looking for comic recommendations!!

I went to library and picked up a bunch of comics
BINGO LOVE by Tee Franklin, Jenn St. Onge
I really liked Bingo love, I really appreciated how the story took place over many years of these characters lives and you saw them  young and old, actually most of the story took place when they were older which is not as common in comics. The main character hazel was super adorable i loved all her hair designs and the fashion statements for the characters. The moment where they proclaimed their love was super adorable and gave me the feels!! I think my only quam with the story was how husband was dealt with to move him out of the way for the lesbian love to blossom. He was painted a perfect husband up until it was time to get him out of the way, then It was so like here's exposition of vague dialogue of why he's not good for her. then hes just like ok bye wife of so many years you have a chance to be happy hahah! what? I would liked to see the husband be sad about the divorce maybe SLOWLy get over it show it! or just have the husband meet and fall in love with someone new!? or if you are going to use the bad husband card work your way up to that point, put hints earlier into the story that makes him not the right one for her. Overall i really liked this book despite that one annoyance 
Heavy Vinyl by Carly Usdin, Nina Vakueva 
I like the main character Chris, her design is very cute and believable all the designs were well done i think the only i was on the fence about was the goth girl Dolores, she was very much the cliche from design to personality but it's only volume one! woo! who knows. I like the illustrations attention to background and cute clothes! The story came off very Saturday morning cartoon, record shop employees, with a secret vigilante crime fighting team. hahah oh it also has a lot to do with music culture from bands to music references but so far references someone my age would get, not like my 12 year old niece. This reminds me of Totally Spies a bit but more LGBQT friendly :3 I'm' going to say the first kiss between the main character and her love interest was really down played by the climax fight scene and it was just like one panel then the next day like oh we are normal again. hahaha I didn't like that HOLD UP people i need some breathing room this. The whole book i've been waiting for this and you just throw their kiss in hap hazard between punches!?! arggggg also the art semi reminds me of Mary Jane loves Spiderman comics by Takeshi Miyazawa its like manga-kai(ish) BUT WHO ISN'T THESE DAYS?!
Jem and the Holograms Infinite trade by Kelly Thompson, Stacey Lee, Jen Hickman, Jenn St-Onge 
I like the story concept of alternative universe and the idea of the rich 1 percent using the technology of synergy and everyone else bottom feeders two images of society the ghetto and the upperclass. As for the characters themselves its very same problems different day, but that's kinda the point of these characters since the writer is following the cartoon a lot in this aspect.  Their personal lives and problems seem to be stagnate.  I did read the volume one that Sophie Campbell illustrated awhile back too, that one is really good. I've always liked Campbell drawings, and i feel like Campbell has really has set the stage for these other artists and they are following in her footsteps step by step even some same outfits? I DUNNO if it was me i'd really go WILD with their looks but I get it tho, it's intimidating to challenge the design for fear of becoming too avant garde people might not interrupt the design as the established character. BUT i feel like you have to look at the cartoon they did some crazy stuff with Jem's fashion and weren't afraid of challenging themselves for each episode when it came to their outfits or style, that's one thing the cartoon did it really successfully :3 There was a couple of the alternative universe Jem fashions that i liked with the funky bun hair styles COOL! 

You know what I saw the other day some NOVEL / comic that Jen Bartel illustrated a few pages in SPACEPOP - not your average princess I didn't read it just read the comic pages and the back cover but it reminded me a lot Jem and the Holograms WITH a BATTLE OF THE BANDS and all >_o 

The Witch Boy by Molly Knox Ostertag
heyyyy this one was really good,  great step up, climax, resolution that tied up all loose ends in the comic with a RELEVANT MESSAGE FOR THE AUDIENCE TO TAKE AWAY WITH. There's a second one coming out and i have no idea what its going to be about hahah cause the first one was so clean at completing the story. I like enjoyable short stories that don't require ten million to be continued. Altho there are some stories that are good when they have lots of novels :P so its all what you plan for.


Tie on webtoons by team Thumos
Oh i like this one has some spicey moments XD gay space pilot training school genre while i was reading this i was thinking about STAR FIGHTER by Hamlet Machine and ON A SUNBEAM by Tillie Walden which are both comics that attempt this genre in a same but different way 

This one is SUPER COOL, simple concept but the execution is really on point, I love the design of the comic and characters i think the best part is coloring of the comic it works well with the story of the comic. Story is about a humor/ romance between employees of a tea shop vs a coffee shop and their competition to sell drinks! but the best part for me is the color palette is like the comic is colored with coffee and tea!!! 

MUSIC Tunes for listening 

Friday, October 26, 2018

webcomics fun times

Dragon Husbands by Puck on webtoons
AHHH this comic is so well drawn and i love the concept it kinda reminded me of a comic i did in the past a retelling of the lindorm king (altho i dont have the whole thing posted its part of  Once upon a Time anthology) dragon husbands is inspired by Chinese mythology, I like the dragon designs and character designs alot  <3 <3

IVO by Remi on webtoons this one is really good too!! I like how the creator writes the dialogue for Estivan :3 ITS SO STEAMY XD and drama filled! I couldn't stop reading it! hahaha

Nocturne by Ambat on Tapas Aww i love the art style for this comic super cool, cartoony, edgy and the story is interesting ;3

Altho vampire punk rockers? not a new concept, its a common profession for vampires to be some sort of deviants Lestat was a rock star in the Queen of the Damned

 Friday Fangs by Drunkenfists on tapas also features punk rock vampires BUT OH MAN this comic has some great coloring tho and i love some of the set up shots :O Ho ho ho

I know that Lost Boys are not in a band but they ARE PUNKS?
So hot XD anyway!!!!!

Trash Canon by KFComics on tapas I like the character designs for this comic a lot, and how the story is set up to be comedy, day in the life of K/J-pop band humor, its not a linear story but very fun take on the band genre

Always Human by walkingnorth on webtoons I haven't had the time to read this but it was recommended by someone else and i just need to get around to reading this tooo!!! 

Sunday, October 21, 2018

shooting a sitting duck

skinned pride, it's domestic
wasting emotions on a information vortex
rip van winkle died waiting for a return
promoting without interaction
self adsorbed worm reproduction
please take your shoes off
whatever walk over my rug
brightly colored glowing lights
we see you but choose to avoid you
new friendship in pink and grey, just keep walking
your dog wont stop barking
stuck in conversation out of pity
gotta look good
GET BACK HERE, you have to listen
follow the rules
trick or treat, enjoy my candy
I want to go back to my home country
learn to multitask answer when someone's talking to you
eyes glued to screen, lost in created content
what kind of person will I grow up to be
baby cheeks stung with pain
try not to repeat yourself

Saturday, October 20, 2018

fashion chick v1

Read Webcomics
Chronicles of Atlum: Cross

People don't hear your story they hear their story through your story.


 then realizes I am not getting any XP*  >_>
Me:  *SIGNS OFF* OH by the way bitch F*&K YOU!!!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

character piece or ghosts not sure

Today after lunch I felt something big hit me in the back of the head, I turned around and asked my partner "Did you just throw something at me?" he laughed and said "No" he said as he grinned at me. Right away I thought he did throw something at me, so I began looking around on the floor for the object but I could not find anything, anywhere. I swear I had felt something hit me in the head and fall through my hair. Nag watched me, confused, and smirked at me "What's wrong with you? Don't try to frame me for something I didn't do." I was so sure I retorted back, "You better not of thrown something at me." I kept looking around, Nag kept jokingly stating "I didn't throw anything." After pacing back and forth looking down on the floor Nag finally says, "Come here, so I can slap you. So, you can be normal again." at this point I felt like I was loosing it, so I nervously laughed and said "Ok, I'll stop. It just felt so real." I went on the rest of day a bit confused. I still don't know what it was but it was kind of creepy  or had I experienced some sort of glitch in the system.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


1. I was at my parents house and we were fixing the farm, then I heard this dog bark I went to go find out what the noise was about. I uncovered a small brown and black dog in my house. It was my dog that I had forgotten about? Since I knew its name right away I was in shock Gypsy was so emancipated I took the dog down stairs to feed it whatever I could find out of the fridge. The dog was so hungry as she ate gypsy just returned a normal figure but I still  felt so bad about leaving Gypsy behind.

2. I was going to meet an old friend with her boyfriend and I was running late and the whole time I was trying to get there i kept thinking how mad she will be if I am late. Finally i get there and I'm running through the parking lot, I see her walk out of the restaurant mad. I shout waving my arms, "I'm HERE!!!" Shes scoffs "Good, I was about to leave." So we all go back inside the restaurant and sit down and I can't think of anything cool to say so I comment, "How about a train ride?" and she fires back to me "I know we are doing it right now." Then its like a pull back shot of us on this black and red train....sheepishly I say, "Oh right..."

3. I invite someone I haven't seen in awhile to my house she brings her kids over, and one of her kids who I haven't seen since it was a baby is a girl now even though I know the baby is a boy? She is happy to see me but she asks me, "what happened? why haven't we hung out in awhile?" I'm caught off guard....at first I want to lie that I was busy but then I decide to be honest and I blurt out, "I'm a bit of an introvert and if you want to be my friend it's common for me to go in hiding every now and then." she looks at me confused and a bit hurt. 

Monday, October 15, 2018


But i can not remember how to spell her name XD 
I remember my sister use to have neopets too and shed give them all these crazy names and i'd be like whats your pet name so i can add you? and i could never find her pets on the search engine..... and that was when we were 11 and 13 so not much has changed hahaha

Webcomics people Read them! all so good!!!
Rising Sand
Strong female protagonist
Hot Blood
Not Drunk Enough
Harlowe Vanished

Friday, October 12, 2018

a drop in the hat

Things that happen on Internet Every 60 Seconds 2017 Statistics

this quote pulled from Emi Gennis on twitter O_O but its really stuck with me

My question is when is the rebellion? Can we go back? WILL PEOPLE GET BORED? or will the future be tech savvy zombies? When i'm at the park lately I notice so many adults even kids just walking around with eyes glued to phone. It really says something about our generation i know there's a reverse of this complaint against tech use that is not bad a person maybe learning, connecting with people they love, or doing whatever makes them happy. Yes technology has opened so many doors for us, I just  wonder about our how the human race with change over time our bodies, our minds??

this train of thought also reminds me of videos /articles 
talking about how social media addiction 

In 2018 we are becoming more saturated with content and information with the entry bar becoming lower, there are more ways to do it yourself. It's far easier to become lost in the noise because there is more noise now than ever before. 

"From the dawn of civilization to 2003, five exabytes of data were created. The same amount was created in the last two days."
-Eric Schmidt CEO of Google

“If your mouth is open, you’re not learning.” -Buddha


dream is very spotty
but i remember the image of a giant spider with a head of a woman and it has to cross this beach filled with these spirits and if the spirit was part monster it glowed a color the more color the more monster in it..and if they were just human their spirit  would be black and be harmless you could walk through them...she was trying to get her shopping bags to her boat...then there was a seal that had to carry a duck across water....
thats it >_> so random XD

a group of people outside a bad persons home and they were working up the courage to tell the bad person off. one person says i'm going to do it! they march up to the door and knocks on it. the bad person answers and pulls him inside. Moments later the group outside hears blood curdling screams from their friend "HE'S KILLING ME!" they were all frightened and hiding in the bushes they wanted to get to their car but it was near the door of his house and afraid the bad person would hear them and come out and hurt them to so they hid.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


I was listening to Stephen King talking about writing and i really enjoyed his concept of ideas being like bread crumbs and bad ones fall through the strainer of time and good ideas stick around
Creative writing lessons: Creative Writing tips, advice and lessons from bestseller Stephen King.youtube

Sunday, October 7, 2018

just life in the big city

i spent the day hosting a kids pool party hahah which was fun but i felt like a waitress/ life guard :/

I'VE DECIDED I'm going to throw my first kids halloween party mostly LOL maybe its for me a little bit so i can dress up!!! *i'm so excited* I MISS halloween i feel like the last few years i haven't been able to go to any halloween parties or host any :/ Well i suppose i did some public halloween fests but they sucked cause they were so busy it was just lines and nasty candy

My plan is to have little halloween crafts for the kids like :3

pin the bow on the skeleton /tail on cat

lolly pops ghost hunt or maybe make them a prize for halloween bingo?

paint paper plates into jack o lanterns or...we will paper plate masks *squeals in excitement*

play doh or goo?

i have to read a scary story from this book! LOL

X3 costume contest and possibly a candy jar guessing game or like maybe...like rocks in a jar haha

OOh I have to get a cheap disco light its just not a party without a disco light!!! and a black light bulb XD if i was rich i would totally get a fog machine or a bubble machine!!! lol i'll be set for every party forever 

I WANT TO BE A SCARY WEREWOLF!!! *howl* :D i'll just use face paint/makeup and hair gel ehehehehehe maybe i'll make my kid a baby vampire?? or a skeleton boy i have a glow in the dark skeleton shirt already for him XD i just have to find some pants and paint little bones on the pants hahaha and poor ginger i'm going to make her wear her bee costume hahaha

I'll just have all these song on repeat! hahah

I found a bubble machine at the thrift store for 2 DOLLARS I WAS SO ecstatic! really made my day
I brought it home and it just pumped out the bubbles i was so happy i danced around the living screaming
We're going smurf a party!! lOL 

Thursday, October 4, 2018

maybe i need a cigarette

I was looking at love buzz files like hmm i did a pretty good job toning...then i saw this page and realized XD IT'S ME! I'm the one in black smoking hahah i forget things...apparently me and norm go to the same art school... this page is based of the UoM art building 

ugh i started lettering and i'm like whyyyy can't i just letter this in Photoshop its so much faster....but apparently photoshop is crap for text....:( my heart is breaking...so i'm lettering indesign
which is cool and vectored all uniform but making the word bubbles is hell...XD altho my speed is picking up can't i just draw this!?! ahhh lol I suppose i could do it comicworks aye.....*grumbles*

Fujoshi (腐女子, lit. "rotten girl") is a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men. 
Defination GOOGLE


To be a flagger. The act of flagging.
To say that you are going to do something and not do it. To get the reputation of being a flagger is not a good thing.  
Defintion from Urban dictionary 

I dont know why I'm so late on this but now i know! 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

lined sketch book from 2007

This lined book i worked on in 2007
I can only say that cause there is sketches for a comic that I made and document date properties on the finished comic pages say so!....The finished comic it was just a short like proof of concept trail comic 5 pages long my plan is to go back this and finish this some day