Monday, November 5, 2018

AFK - going to india for month

BOOK REVIEWS - as a general rule i try to read as many comics as i can get my hands on
Rocket Girl Vol 2 by Writer: Brandon Montclare Artist / Cover: Amy Reeder
going to have to say Amy Reeder you are a great artists, i spent a lot of time looking at her art, excellent backgrounds, and i kinda enjoyed all the crazy mouth expressions that were in the comic! The story kinda reminded me terminator but much more depressing ending, unbreakable time loop. and if there was a moral to the story i would think it would be "if  you want something done right, do it yourself."

Snot Girl vol 2 by Writer / Variant Cover: Bryan Lee O'Malley Artist / Cover: Leslie Hung
Super new edgy concept, a story about social media stars and a murderer mystery. The social media star is relatively a new thing for stories. I thought the O'Malley does well depicting the other side social media stars personalities. Off camera stories, which is a fun exploration.

Spectacle vol 1 by Megan Rose Gedris
Another murder mystery but with circus performers I really enjoyed the character designs in this book. Ive always had interest in circus culture so that what my initial lure and Gedris does a good job setting up characters and completing a mini story arch in volume one, left me wondering who was the murderer and going back looking for clues in the artwork. 🤔 Can't wait to read more!!!!