Saturday, December 28, 2019

outfit designs

trying to thumbnail a new scene
end up getting hung up on writing the lyrics and designing the outfits XD

Sunday, December 22, 2019

blank slate

coming out of the woodwork
shadows don't tell how
this tongue only shares
chucking pebbles at glass houses
speaking two languages
who has been kissed
step back, far back 
this mind is not your own
but a piece of well lit stained glass

Sunday, December 15, 2019


OLD VS NEW critique
Wow 2006 the first 3 are super solid for how old this work is...the 4th one i was just showing off some pencil techniques...and then page 5 is total mess...WHAT IS HAPPENING!?!?!...I really should edit this FIX panel 2 add gun, have her remove a gun under the bed...edit panel 3 her and him having a gun stand off .....  it would read A LOT better oh and redraw panel 5 what...kinda..of horrible slap drawing...T_T the time jump from panel 5 to 6 is....omg....*covers face* change the hallway to the hotel room......

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Hold THE phone!!!

Why do so many comics start with black backgrounds with white text? enter then rain drops, stars, BLOOD? or FEATHERS!? hmm sound familiar?

Another popular starting point is the stylized world lore; good vs. evil, history of gods, battle or birth of elements, titans or immortals, hybrid mutants vs human, end of the world, or a fairy tale/ folklore story.
Some reoccurring visuals are shadow people being destroyed or bad, abstracted art style that references a cultural art style.

For the record; I've been there, but it's taken me this long to think...WHY?!!?!?!?!

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Witchblade fanart

 Happy thanksgiving everyone! :D Enjoy some good food! Take some time to relax and reflect!  

2005! yay! this is so didn't take me very long before I discovered, I hate making clean pencils! Ugh, it's so easy to smudge pencils!!! My pencils are so messy by nature so inking became my rock! Now days my pencils get obliterated by redraws and dirty erasers. At the time, this was drawn Francis Manapul's was a big inspiration!! he's still so talented! :D

Monday, November 25, 2019

day dreaming: early love buzz

 AHHHHHH made in 2006 this was the first pitch artwork for love buzz...I did not use this style to draw the final book, this style I actually created for Click Track Lolita, its kinda a indie/manga fusion  focused on recreating special effect tones with ink drawings...O_O...when I look at the time line of my life i realize how long it takes me to do stuff, hahah

Some Love Buzz book reviews.
Love Buzz Review. Ain't It Cool News

Love Buzz Review. Graphic Policy

Read Love Buzz for free 

Sunday, November 24, 2019


More character concepts for my mythology series, I wanted to probably make two different short comics about the variods, who live in another dimension, a backstory for Ina and Talo how they met and came to walk on two feet. Also probably another short comic about Ta-zudar and his return to his home. Maybe edit forese comic to tie up loose ends that explains their clan who protect the eternal well....more T_T comics to draw before i die...

Sunday, November 17, 2019

June to July 2019 Sketchbook

A pocket sized sketch book finished over June and July of 2019! This book contains 91 pages! Enjoy! 

OMG!! I paid off my student loans HEY--oooo, it only took me 10 years! Horrible horrible investment...SERIOUSLY I only borrowed 18 K (that is nothing compared to others) the bank/government MADE 9K and some change in INTEREST off my back what a rip off and my loan was the type that it didn't matter if I paid more per month I still had to pay the interest for the principle...6.5 % is some bullshit UGH!  College for art is the biggest rip off in my opinion; just practice, read books, do mentorships, portfolio reviews, or get some online classes for specific skill sets. You'll spend less.