Thursday, January 31, 2019

If I don't die first

Slow slow, *chips away at a block* I'm happy with it but i'm getting anxious i wanna do something different!!!!! lol *must focus* O_O
I wanna spend more time reading and looking at art!! my Achille's heel!! 

I've also been listening to the Let's read channel on youtube

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

tinkerbell: commission

Normally don't advertise commissions? even tho I CAN? eh I figure people who are interested will find a way which is fine, but anyway this person requested it for their daughter's room seemed harmless enough :3

Thursday, January 24, 2019

budding artists

I also got a TikTok Account 
TikTok used to be called my niece Ava suggested I get this app, she uses it and likes it. My niece is 11 and she likes to draw. 
some of her drawings :3 aren't they adorable!!

Yasmine is my cousin who also draws! she's a bit older than Ava 

Honestly I feel like their drawings look like mine at their age haha

Its the circle of life!!!! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

recommendations for youtube


i'm just toning the comic in spare time, listening to MURDER documentaries
"For my Man" "Fatal attraction" " Obsession: Dark Desires"- these are crime documentaries/shows
According to wiki 79% of killers are male

one problem with watching murder shows is that, during the day I feel like everyone going to kill me! AHHHHH!! I had to lay off a bit haha

Then decided I'll listen to MORE educational documentaries, different from my norm with Vik. He likes to watch dinosaur, animal, earth evolution, and space documentaries...I  force him to watch something educational, I notice he will watch those subjects but everything else he cries
"This is boring!" "Different ONE!"
 I like all sort of stuff!
Decoding Human's Brain

I also like horror stories? but i swear these leave me a wreck to listen to hahaha my partner will open a door in the house, my dog will shift, and I'll jump right out of my seat screaming,"WHAT was thaT?!
Horrifying Search and Rescue Stories
This is long but I thought it was a good, dangnabbit! I was terrified by the end

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Reading comics

Piper by Jay Asher, Jessica Freeburg, and Jeff Stokely
Ahhh this novel was REALLY good, I love the tale of the Pied Piper, this is an excellent retelling, i think the genius is the addition of the deaf character and i liked that they dived into the pied pipers past more! The ending was epic and satisfying :D Jeff's artwork was really good i enjoyed all his fun character designs with unique noses and nice backgrounds!! READ THIS COMIC!!
Vixens by Jamie L. Rotante, Eva Cabrera
I really enjoyed the artwork on this one Eva did a excellent job with the rockabilly, chola, vintage fashions. Almost every scene all the characters had a new outfit. Welp, now i'm a fan of her art. I like the idea of the girl biker gang i just wish this hadn't been an alternative version or timeline of Betty and Veronica. I wanted it to be NEW characters cause this did not seem like betty or veronica from the archie comics at all, their personalities were totally different. But i get why they did this because a independent creation will get less readers, which is sad.
The Backstagers vol 1 and 2 by James Tynion IV, Rian Sygh
Yeah, this is good, I'm kinda middle road with this. The art is the trendy, angular and shape inspired. I like the idea of a the story revolving around high school drama club, and the mysterious magical off stage rooms in their school and how these group of stagehands deal with the magical problems and just putting on shows.  After two volumes only in end of vol 2 did they hint at a bad guy...mostly romance between the characters.
Beauty and the Beast: a modern retelling by Jeanne-marie Leprince, Pete Katz
I'm kinda fairy tale snob so warning...What I did enjoy was the mirror was given more personality and was more of character. Which i enjoyed but the mirror was prison...and the mirror was still able able to perform magic teleportation for viewer, and could show the viewer visions?  I liked that Beauty was the hero in the end...but i didn't enjoy the addition of the demon...So in this story the castle was not the beast's castle...the prince gets turned into a beast then flees his homeland...but the author doesn't really explain how he finds this demon's seems like he stole it from the demon? The beast seemed like a jerk cause you learn at the end he's beating this demon annually and throwing him down some he can live at the demon's castle and try to get better from this beast curse. hahaha

I just felt bad for the demon, the demon was not explained enough to be "evil", and didn't even show up till the second half of the book...and when he did HE JUST WANTED HIS CASTLE BACK hmm k if i had been living in a well for a years i'd want my castle back too!!! What was the point of having the beast live at demon's castle!? What happened? Was the demon just chillen in his castle then one day the beasts just comes along and is like GTFO all your shit is mine now *tosses demon into well* then years later he invites beauty to stay at the demons castle and gives the demons riches away to beauty's dad.

They kept doing flash backs into "fairy tale art" and it NEVER once talked about the demon but instead how beauty's dad lost all his money, this version did have beauty's siblings like some of the other versions...and then the other flash back was to explain beasts transformation it was cause he flirting on the fairy queen's servant..and the fairy queen wanted to marry him, so she got mad at him...and cursed him by turning him into beast THEN makes her servant a mirror! Which...uhh come on fairy queen!!! that servant didn't even want his stupid attention WHY PUNISH HER?!? i dunno the ending...magically the fairy queen just shows up when beauty tells beast she loves him..and fairy queen is all like oh sorry servant fairy and prince...i guess you suffered enuff? then they all just laugh it off i'm sitting here like
uhh i was kinda disappointed? cause this author did their research they wrote a long introduction on the history of the tale of beauty and the beast.  They sited a lot of authors and versions..but i felt like this retelling just fell flat. If i were to make a suggestion to improve it would be either delete the demon totally and make the fairy queen evil or give the demon a backstory or purpose in the story? JUST MORE DEVELOPMENT but what do i know...

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Reading list and review

Lets go best to worst
The Prince and the Dress Maker By Jen Wang
Adorable!! Great premise for a story, interesting characters with goals and the resolution was heart warming! I recommend you read this! 

All Summer Long by Hope Larson
A look into tween life, the friendship drama with modern technology, and finding peace with yourself.

Tomboy by Liz Prince 
this one was good too! I enjoyed her personal experiences of being a tomboy with a heterosexual orientation. I liked that this book is out there for other young people, to show that you don't have follow gender stereotypes and for anyone else its a great book put the reader in someone else shoes,   everyone is valid and they should not be bullied because of how they dress.  I think the my only issue was the last two pages the book. During the entire story she was so head strong about being a tomboy not wearing girl clothes and then to show the character in a skirt but being mistaken for a man? I get it , shes evolved enough where she can be proud of herself, maybe even joke with herself, and maybe that event did happen in real life. But I wasn't sure it helped in the book, at that moment i felt like the character in the book caved O_O?  and that was the end? 
Lifeformed by Matt M Lowery and Cassie Anderson
I actually read the ending before i read the book, sometimes i like to cheat. This book was good i enjoyed the muted color palette and the story was interesting. I liked the character of cleo and the bond she makes with her "contact" And the overall theme of humans being inspirational defiant freedom seekers, I'm down. We need some of that type of attitude right now! come on people lets change the world for a better place.

Zodiac Starforce: Cries of the Fire Prince By Kevin Panetta and Paulina Ganucheau
OK I'm going to start out with this has good reviews on goodreads, but I did not like it. Is it me? I REALLY like Paulina's work their art is super good EXCELLENT anatomy, i dig her style. but that was not enough to distract me from the fact this is a Sailor Moon Rip off. ok.
1. Fire prince is Fiore from Sailor Moon R the Movie very carbon copy even have off color skin and similar goals deep down inside good guys that have an evil influence 
2. first part of book the zodiac force FIGHT evil washing machine, grill, coffee machine that get beast like arms...hmm this reminds me of sailor moon there was a series of episodes where random objects were possessed by negative energy and caused them to transform into villians ie vacuum cleaner, running shoe, make up...bah TOO MUCH THE SAME
3. THe main bad guy in this comic Queen Cimmeria is Queen Beryl the designs are too similar
4. there is two teams of zodiacs hmm this reminds me of sailor moon's team, and the sailor senshi team
5. the plot line of find the team on earth then get sucked into alt dimension/space to finally fight bad guy...hmmm that's pretty much how it goes in sailor moon too...
Also it really bugged me i couldn't tell which zodiac was who by looking at their uniform, there was this ugly yellow scarf that half covered their symbol it drove me nuts!! Honestly i was sad cause i really like this idea of ZODIAC seems to have potential, If i were to write this comic i'd would've dug deeper in Sumerian mythology or Babylonian astronomy- the actual constellations for inspiration for nemesis and plot lines instead of Sailor Moon.

Cast no Shadow by Nick Tapalansky and Anissa Espinosa
Another book goodreads liked but i didn't, it kinda remind me of Anya's Ghost by Vera Brosgol a graphic novel paranormal teen drama or CASPER the friendly ghost...I think my big problem started right out at the beginning with the TWO 3rd person narrators, breaking the wall of the story knowing page numbers and bantering about story set up! BAHH  this was not a good approach cute idea but not executed right, It was hard to tell was talking a narrator or character? and it wasn't needed or really helped the outcome of the story.. but i'll be honest I dislike narration in general so i'm biased. Anyway SO the main character was suppose to be born without a shadow but it was only TOLD not SHOWED i really wanted the artist to illustrate a couple of panels where everyone else has shadows and the main character has none....then the back cover of the book it gave away a major plot line right away. There was a chiche gypsy/fortune teller character who omg if you didn't have her in the story there would be no story,  characters gained knowledge at random to solve the "solution" to the problem of the story.  Reasons for why -were lengthy explanations, a Indian burial site, civil war cemetery, and the ghost's dad was spiritualist tourist? The ghosts memories there purpose was only to talk about her dead mom? and have fun stuck in this house? WHO OWNS THIS HOUSE?! The shadow problem didn't seem fully developed i would've picked one either paranormal romance or no shadow?! cause together neither seemed finished. Art was nice, good shading, the style reminded me of Steven Universe-cartoony the facial profiles, noses, and curved mouth style. The ending hmmmm... was he born when the ghost died? and she didn't join him before his birth was that the issue?  What was holding the shadow inside him all this time? why when he kissed the ghost for the first time why didn't that fix his shadow problems instead of free a EVIL SHADOW???  but a later the ghost reunites him with his shadow and hes normal now at the end? wha -what?? WHY is the main character's shadow so powerful it can call upon other shadows? ehhhhh

Speaking of other entertainment 
I normally am not on board with any youtube personalities but
I really like Maxim Bady XD i think hes a good comedian

Monday, January 7, 2019

Happy new year

This year will be the year of the PIG!!! :D this year has got a slow new favorite drink is bloody mary >_> DUDE! where have you been all my life!! i don't really get drunk don't worry people i just like the flavor!!! i also put too many things in my drink to get wasted like lots of cilantro, pickles, olives, slices of cheddar and Munster cheese, pickle juice, spices, tomatoes, ya'll <___O this is a meal!!!

practically the only thing i don't have in this drink is celery....Hmmm's just not that good o.O EVEN ANTS ON A LOG ehhhhhh no amount of raisins and peanut butter can make you taste good..better but not good hahah

I did make a selfie photo gallery!? I'm debating if this is still a good idea...but MEH! one day i'll be old and be like well shoot i want to post pictures of myself but i'm old and ugly!! WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS SOONER!!??! lol i hope i'm one of those cool old ladies who is still fashionable :3 anyway....I've been taking outfits of the day, make up selfies over the years!! and dangnabbit i've got  a bunch! its a fun collection of self portraits that show a transformation!  right now i'm still uploading stuff and i haven't made it past 2011 ....but
prepare yourself for selfie overload you've been warned :D

Lots of Murder documentaries on youtube...all i can say is why!!?!?!

there is always a better choice that doesn't lead to KILLING SOMEONE ELSE AND JAIL!!!!

things never to do in a murder
-kill for insurance money...have you ever tried to get insurance money out of a insurance company!??! ahh let alone involve the police!! such a bad idea its not going to work out
-KILL SOMEONE YOU KNOW another bad idea usually ends up getting you caught