Wednesday, February 27, 2019

reading is cool

WEBCOMICS!!! woowwowo!!

this comic the guys are so hot and i love all the fun expressions great job

Say no mo' >8D I'm there

Cool concept gender fluid character romance story 

Normally i'm not a comedy fan but the combination of anime, comedy, and internet jargon is good.

This is such good comic i love the story and the art is SOO well done good color combinations and cartoony style

Haven't had time to read yet but art is very good


The City on the Other Side by Mairghread Scott and Robin Robinson 
Interesting concept of parallel universes, I really enjoyed the designs for the ALL characters, i could see this being a movie? The story had adventure and reached a complete conclusion. I think my favorite part was the very end where the authors explained their research altho i will say I didn't CATCH these correlations to real life unless i read their history lesson. Maybe if you were from the area where the story is based you would?

All's Faire in Middle School by Victoria Jamieson
Now I did read roller girl as well i enjoyed it so of course I was wondering what she did with this book. I love the renaissance speak in this book! it had me laughing out loud! there were parts that felt a bit slow for me? but I didn't get home schooled? But maybe now I can understand a bit better after reading this? Overall I think Jamieson does a great job writing kids and the problems they have with friends, family, and school. seems legit.

The Hidden Witch by Molly Knox Ostertag
I read witch boy, I think the first thing that threw me from this story is that it didn't seem to line up with book one? the character they "cured" in the first book you find out they were still working on? but- sure its magic. I enjoyed the choice of the added character and her background story, foster child representation. The previous villain is redeemed which I would've never guessed that from book 1. I could see how this book opens it up for more series work to be done with the characters and universe. In the end Ostertag had lots of great self acceptance messages. 

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Idmu wolf form

since Idmu and Sezeri are equals bound is a wolf one a human ...hmmm they some what share the same body? i wasn't sure if this is Sezeri possessed by Idmu? or i could make some tale around Idmu gaining a wolf form?? OR THEY switch bodies??? HMMM anyway its a fun idea to revisit them >_< so many things to draw so little time!!! 
If you are confused this character is part of mythology series- Legend 

I hit 100 toned pages for CTL so small victory for me...but....
150 more to go T_T

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Line art or Color Blocking?
Detailed or Simple?
Abstract or Realism?
Awake or Asleep?  
Fight or Flight?!
Straight or Round?
Up or Down?
Trapped or Free?
Creator or Creation?
Dead or Alive?
Fast or Slow?
Pass or Fail?
Less or More?

Sunday, February 17, 2019

tell me why

It started out a person fixing a piano and as they closed the lid it wouldn't stop vibrating and just walked away and went to bed. now in a top bunk bed, the bottom bed mattress kept thumping loudly and this person tried to ignore all these events and fall asleep. Finally it got so loud the person ran out and hid in bed with their parents but the sound moved to the door which kept on banging open and shut.... I woke up

Someone told me they had a bad dream about a bear chasing them and it was so bad and when they tried to return to sleep they kept dreaming of the bear. I was impressed cause I have a VERY hard time returning to any dream. 

entertainment so much

VENOM- i like venom he is funny LOL i really did get Venom x Eddie vibes so much so i was like I need to find more in the internet later hahaha! My big hang up was Scientist lady: "Quick Eddie go hide in the lab and don't touch anything!"  Me: Hide? wait don't they have cameras in the lab? That seems pretty standard in high security labs to me...HELL they have cameras in Mcdonalds!! *moments later Eddie is breaking shit* Me: ARGGGG Did you not hear her!????????? SHE JUST TOLD YOU THERE'S AN ALIEN IN THERE!? *face palm* and the chances that he is the perfect host ...very convenient but venom as a character is fun and scary at first then super lovable anti hero-underdog it all  made up for all that stupid stuff in the beginning XD

Graveyard Shakes by Laura Terry
This is a great tween paranormal book, simple story line relatable characters for any home schooled  or school aged person having issues with fitting in or had in the past. The story's problem was resolved in a nice way and the resolution was contained, I couldn't imagine more being done with the characters, but that's me i didn't feel super attached just like well that was fun read. I will say my favorite part was the final battle sequence it almost felt animated and the panel composition was strong in that part and really overall. 

Cool Webcomics 

WE LIVE IN THE AGE OF SO MUCH TO SEE and SO LITTLE TIME for real. There's more being created all the time! It's like a constant flow and I don't even know what the purpose of life is anymore! This might be a crisis. Superficial? in the grand scheme of things?? yes, maybe? But it's a sad fact? People put lots of work into these "stories" ok!! someone needs to appreciate even if the rest of the world is going to hell in a hand bag!! But is that the type of people we need at end? >_> defiantly...not..oh no...change?  OR Just talk who knows. ugh

Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Nag's dream
He recalled in the dream we moved to another state and I met another girl who had red hair. He said she liked to draw and watched cartoons...soon we became good friends. He told me in his dream he was thinking, "Oh no, not another one."


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

digital ink


I just was feeling bored and wanted to ink something without thinking too much

Monday, February 11, 2019


a possible character design for my  next comic? :D *toils away slowly*

Thursday, February 7, 2019

reading SPOILERS!!!!!!!!

Aquicorn Cove by Katie O'Neil
Katie O'Neil is super talented i'm a big fan of her whole line of work! I really love her other book Princess Princess and Tea dragon Society I actually feel foolish but I haven't finished Tea Dragon Society EVEN THO IT'S A WEBCOMIC?!...I find when its a actual book I can read much faster? 
very very cute artwork i absolutely adored the designs of the Aquicorns!
omg WHAT a creative name for this species! 
My critique is that some parts confused me, Why did Lana (the young girl pictured on the cover) not return the baby Aquicorn when she saw the grown Aquicorn swimming in the ocean? I know it was hurt but keeping it in a jar? :/ It was well established that this was not a seahorse and they didn't know much about Aquicorns?  WHy would you keep an animal you know nothing about in a jar and expect it to get better?  IF this character truly cares about animals why not try to get someone whose qualified to care for it??? There was a mystical character, Aure who healed the aunt with some magical food why did the aunt not think to tell Lana hey i know somebody who can help!  Aure knew all about the Aquicorns....possibly controlled them cause she gave magical necklaces that allowed people to call the Aquicorns??

another mishap with this story was the time line of the death of her mother, start of story Lana arrives with her father so one has to assume THEY DON'T live on this island because they are visiting Lana's Aunt Mae, after Lana's mother died? it seems like the mother has been dead for some time? 

 later you find out the mother died when she looking for her sister out in sea...but WHY was the mother out in the sea? Wasn't she living somewhere else with her daughter and her husband?  HOW did she know her sister was missing? Was she a telepathic? did she call her on the phone?

EHHH that whole unexplained time line of the mothers death left me puzzled?

I would've recommended - just have all the characters living on the island - start the story with them coming back after a hurricane, seeing the damage, dealing with the death of the mother, I probably would've had mother die in Aunt Mae survived storm with the help of Aure and Lana and her dad could be relieved that Mae survived? Then go into Aquicorns and Aure-problem- resolution.

I liked the books conflict which was the effects of using plastic fishing nets,; how plastic nets damage coral reef and the problems with over fishing. I liked that it educated the reader and provided awareness with a magical element into the mix!

Was the resolution too simple? yes i think so...
BUT I'M AN ADULT!!!! so that's a issue since this book is for younger audience...but- just use different fishing nets? This one fisherwoman? this one family? 
In reality the problem addressed in this comic is incredibly complex....
To reverse the damage that the human species has done on the ocean and the other marine life is going to take a lot more than changing your fishing nets and taking a little less fish each day?'s the entire fishing industry that needs to be overhauled, also the food industries demand, tourism, ocean pollution, boat propellers, use of fossil fuels, over fishing, invasive species, GLOBAL WARMING!!!.......... AHHHH those are just to name a few i'm sure.

Are these things kids should be aware yes....DOES THAT FIT The magical story maybe not but ? WE ARE ALL CONNECTED! LIFE IS A DELICATE BALANCE!!! XD now i'm just rambling...

Monday, February 4, 2019


you look like a freak
you can do whatever you want
using I is selfish
trapped inside that car
worked so hard with no respect
that is your intelligence, only god knows stupid
no one else is your friend but me
they don't care about you only when they need something at their convenience
are you addicted
do you even know math?
you can't even make eye contact
maybe you have no emotions
but I do
torturing myself like this
some closure and proof
with the door ajar

Saturday, February 2, 2019

the idea was not yours

"The person who you want to be is a figment of your imagination, you are the sum of your experiences and the interpretation of those experiences. You; depends on the time and place you lived in." credit -  Are You Who You Think You Are? 

anyway i like this guy's medical "detective" series