Thursday, March 14, 2019

the lab

this comic has a bunch of half penciled pages and i just feel like inking it for fun....hahah its about scientifically engineered monster girl :P the comic starts with the surgery, confinement as test subject, then a training scene with some fighting...XD
This comic was drawn to this album

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

STUFF and memes

i'll just be here forever clicking like
that is my hell LOL
OR HEAVEN? can't decide...

Why Stories Captivate | Tomas Pueyo | TEDxHumboldtBay
Why storytelling is so powerful in the digital era | Ashley Fell | TEDxUniMelb

What am i doing? WATCHING  COPS! and Judge Judy....XD
I remember when this was the only thing playing on tv now i'm seeking it out to watch it on the internet haha

AHHHHH all these comics so good!!!!!!!
Agents of the Realm
Flow within the Moutain Veins
Bang and Burn
The Safekeepers

life as an comic artist memes

hahahah I'm cracking up *wipes tear*

Thursday, March 7, 2019


the first dream was my sister's cats kept attacking me, launching down from high places and beating my head. I was trying to run away but it a constant barrage of attacks i was so mad at them! DAMNIT Persephone, Mylena and NIXIE TOO! hahah  In reality i woke up cause i had to go pee...

My next dream was gross, my son vik, ate something and it made him horribly sick, and I was trying to hold him over the toilet as he pooped out this ground up brown chunky paste EVERYWHERE IT got over everything the toilet IT was all over me in my hair, on  the floor it smelt horrible. I was horrified in my dream like this is so gross. LOL i'm laughing while i'm typing this! it was awful dream i had to wake up.

I had a 3rd dream but i can't recall what it was uhhh it feels so close but so far away...maybe later i'll remember 

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

magic girls

Instagram  make up inspired

***I just read this one the other night its really good <3 love the toning

Magic Girl Printed Work

I did not include witches, superheros, or magical teams even tho there is some cross over?? It's interesting how magical girls are being re-examined it seems to be a rising trend the Dark Magical Girl it has some pros and cons. Something to think about!! :D

Some of my favorite magical girls I was influenced by....

I WANNA make a magical girl MINI COMIC!!! 
lol honestly its been something i've been kicking around for a long time but haven't been able to think of anything worth drawing...that hasn't been told?! I have a old character that i'd like to retro fit. I was kinda excited cause yesterday i had a light bulb!!? LETS SEE..need some time to do this !!!! I was thinking 16 to 24 pages? NO NEED TO BREAK MY Back making comics jeez i do enough of that...Keep it simple stupid