Monday, April 29, 2019


face art is super popular!
this is a easy copy out warm up sketch...
I should try something difficult....

What do i find a challenge to draw?
CRAZY poses with perspective? 
backgrounds!!!! ahhh HANDS!!

Sunday, April 28, 2019


deleted panel ???? just ending up removing this panel? in an edit?

I'm about 48 pages in to completed bubble art T__T final letters for CTL

EHHHH i wanna take a break and make a mini comic!!! I really really want to make a comic using sketch up background hahah i was thinking i will not just straight import backgrounds i will trace the sketchup backgrounds...I feel like unless your dpi is the same it looks i will ink mine to give it one world feel? this mini is really my way of being lazy but attempting to do something different?!!?!?! :D

Friday, April 26, 2019


THis comic so good *cries in beer*
I really like the coloring,fashion,backgrounds, character design T_T STORY! AHhhh CHEERS!

Ahhh Dorian Electra is soo cool T_T
I love their fashion statements 

Thursday, April 25, 2019

juggling act

tinkered ending for stakeout yet again >.O I FEEL better ABOUT THIS I feel like I might be really done done? LOL? unless its like a typo or i feel the hankering to tone something? O_O???

UGH!!! 40 year old michelle is totally going to MESS with it....>_> *waves finger at future self*
XD either that or i'll purge it one of the two XD

another deleted panel? I swapped this panel with another scene that i thought made more sense!!! 

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Saturday, April 20, 2019


PARTIES! i'm drawing another party scene...and i'm wincing while drawing this...
I'm getting old? hahaha
OH GOSH, i never drink!!! I'm that girl that goes to the bar and orders a water!!!!! XD LMAO I actually dislike being sick from drinking or the loss of control!!! Last time I went out, one girl leaned into me to ask, "Do you have any molly?"
which I replied loudly in her ear, "You don't need drugs to act crazy."
In her defense, I probably looked like I was under the influence? I do have a tendency to hit the dance floor like there is no tomorrow!!

BackstreetBoys - Let's Have A
Vengaboys - We like to Party!.youtube
David Guetta, Bebe Rexha & J Balvin - Say My Name

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

deleted scene

After I drew it, I though this scene sexualized her so I cut it. These videos helped me try to avoid common trope characteristics...I hope I was successful? I feel like it's impossible to AVOID everything, "evil" in all stories does have some similarities T_T
Ps. The entire channel is good, worth watching all her videos!

Friday, April 12, 2019


YAY I'm almost done toning, i think i have 16 left 
mostly what i'm doing besides being sick, reading, and teaching the next generation

While working i watched The Handmaid's tale- tv series I should read the book...Honestly the Hand Maid's Tale is scary....freakier than any ghost story that's for sure.
What a world to live horrible. I liked that it is a cautionary tale and well explored in how extreme life can be 

comics comics comics

My theory is HARRY POTTER started it hahah these are all well done webcomics about witches ...
Witches Get Stiches by laura graves
Megg, Mogg, and owl by simon hanselmann
Witchy by Ariel Ries
Sorcery 101 by kel mcdonald
Forgotten Order by Christy Bontrager
Never Satisfied by Taylor Robin
Balderdash by Victoria
Cucumber Quest by Gigi d.g
Windy Lightning
Ingress Comic by Kay Rossbach
Heirs of the Veil
Forever Autumn by Aisleen
Unfamiliar by Haley Mewsome
Silversong by Sam Chapman
Verse by Sam Beck
Witchcraft by Jawsum
Spellbound by Ronce
Sunny and Rainy By TheMaarika
Tails of Magicat by Magicatchoo
Sylvania by Comicker Digital
Ever Joy Illinois by Brandi Payne
XII: Magic and Muses by Kristen Kiomall-Evans
Principles of Magic by Sarah Hopkins
Witchling by Renee nault

Alice in wonderland comic renditions
A Topsy Turvy world of wonder
Alec in Wonderland
Alice and the Nightmare
Alice in wonderland Zenescope
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland by CLAMP

I would argue Boy Love/ Yaoi is the MOST popular webcomic story!!!
Jamie By NDGOarts
Immortal Affairs
The Angel in the Forest
Black and Blue By Rosa Maus
Insomnia By Paperjeans
Fell Swoop by Alakotila
They Said you Wouldn't come back by Velvet Toucher
Reversion By Kabra Kare
mismatch by PurpureaNoxa
Novae by KaiJu
Valentine by Seni Arseni
Dragon Husbands
Switch by Neonstarstudio
Behind These Birchwood Walls
Long Exposure by mars

If I link every one I would be here all day!! but i'll work on adding to this list :P
what else?
Triangle romances !!!!
school life
ELVES ~!!!
day in the life of "person"

Good parent comics
Fowl Language Comics By Brain Gordon
Lucy Knisley Comics

Thursday, April 4, 2019

side line

All the internet over information has got me feeling like screw it. Is it wrong? but I'm getting tired of the online art community? Myself included? Overall, we are so selfish LOOK AT THIS ! I DREW THIS! Constantly working hard for a "like" button ugh. All the content gets super repetitive for me it gets less and less innovative but a formula. lots of faces, female bodies, witches, succulents, fan art, style trends, and trending hash tags........ I'm starting to detest the system.

some cool ones i found :D check it out!
when the main character is lip singing i was dying of embarrassment for him HAHAH good job author pulling at my emotions!
Oh man this comic is so well drawn EXCELLENT drawings this is what i live for!!!!
SUPER unique presentation, early internet, movie story boarding, GREAT COLORING ahhhh go go go go read this one too!!!

Illustrations so cute
super cool style <3

What else? Internet? Deviant art got a new interface I'm cool with it but don't like that its based off on scroll system and I can't delete notifications as easy as the old interface I like browsing thumbnail's quicker...but I do think that Deviantart has gotten a surge of erotic art since the Tumblr ban. DA allow erotic art if you tag your work appropriately, don't worry you can only see the X rated work if your settings are turned on for that. The only thing I'm sad about is DA should have more male nudity it very female should be balanced if its going to be there at all!!


Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson and Emily Carroll
Ahhh this book so captivating it could be because it's about rape? Trigger warning.
I think it's human nature to be interested in pain? It's like a car crash you can't help but look. This book is told from the perspective of a victim and helps the reader understand the pain and suffering after an attack. I loved how Emily illustrated certain panels literally when the main character was talking about her feelings and added a element of horror to the illustrations. This book is great, a must read. 

Check Please! by Ngozi Ukazu
Style is very cool, i like the shapes of the eyes and faces. The entire book i kept thinking about this 90's movie Cutting Edge this book is basically a role reversal LGBQT friendly version of that movie with modern touches? One thing i noted about this book was the book design work the author puts her name and book title on every page...which i thought was different. The hockey illustrations and action was fantastic. The main character is a Youtube star talking to the "camera" a lot of the book...which is the modern aspect of the writing. I enjoyed the romance it was adorable...I commend the author for including all the extras at the end, they have extra mini comics as well as the main character's TWITTER FEED LOL that i was surprised by.....IT WAS LIKE 10 PAGES LONG!!?!! LOL i kinda died a bit lol and slammed the book shut at that point cause I can't even read real people's twitter feeds let alone a character's hahaha...but points for making your character more real :D

Pashmina by Nidhi Chanani
I really liked all the food homage in this book HAHAH the character was constantly eating  or talking about some yummy Indian dish!! kinda made me hungry! the story was compelling I really wanted to find out more about the magic behind pashmina. The book was a great combination of hindu folklore and this character's family history. I've seen my fair share of bollywood /tollywood films and this is a unique story! Should be made into a movie, I feel like it would popular in India but anyone can enjoy this story it's very enriching.