Friday, May 17, 2019

can we fix it? YES WE CAN!

yall I fixed that computer woohoo go me...thank you computer gods it wasn't more took me longer than I'd like to admit tho...<_< to get the internet working again I got the card and drivers installed then I couldn't get why internet wasn't turning on...omg... turns out some dumb wifi switch was holding me back...*shakes head* WHO wants to turn your wifi off??? *gets my aluminum foil hat ready* for the record I've never had a laptop so >_> this is new to me, why I need a real switch I thought that's what the editing network settings were for? so that didn't occur to me...anyway
I DUB THY SCRAPPY!!! the computer now go forth and compute!

another plus is I found a really nice couch by the trash!! I was like yes!! my couch was...looking so ratty...the pleather was ripped BADLY (granted this one I found is pleather too but it has no rips or tears) NEVER BUY fake leather!!! bah, it just cracks and rips, patches do not work,... my old on looked so bad I was getting ready to staple a bed sheet to it but then I found one near the dumpster and I was so happy no bed bugs wow. great.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

final character sheet

i finished lettering now i'm writing submissions /queries deciding how to publish

thinking about doing a mini comic before starting another big project...but i have so many ideas T_T hard to pick one 

Sunday, May 12, 2019

fixing a hole

I'M FIXING a hand me down LAPTOP ... it's a lenovo ideapad that runs windows ...i wiped it and got rid off all the spam junk it had on needs a new battery and charger it wont stay charged well and the wireless router card is not working? so i bought some parts off ebay! HOPEFULLY once i replace these parts it will be fixed!!! and i can use it!? luckily the parts were not expensive cause it's old but not ancient?  WE SHALL SEE i might have my first  laptop hahah in 2019 XD

google image of what it looks like

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

dreams are fun

first dream
it played out like movie, where I was following a main character, they were lost into this post apocalyptic retail maze world. It was pitch black, and the person was trying to escape someone but kept running into tables, piles of objects, unable to find doors. They had some small light source and I would get glimpses of the scenery in dim lighting, but never saw who was chasing them just felt the tension of entrapment.

my other dream
was I was at my parents house and i was always outside the yard was so overgrown it was like forest. My husband had gotten remarried and i was avoiding them, it was a polygamous relationship. I watched the second wife for awhile before I confronted her. I told her, "this is my parent's house. You can be the morning wife and I don't care what you do. I'll be the night wife"

LMAO i am not a morning person

Monday, May 6, 2019

Fables and Folklore

Been thinking about fables/folklore a lot thought it would be fun to do a small redraw then i started thinking which ones had the most impact on me...

3 little pigs
The boy who cried wolf
Red riding hood
The little red hen
Dog and his reflection
3 billy goat gruff
The crow and the pitcher
2 goats and a bridge
Hansel and Gretel
The ugly duckling
The golden goose
the tortoise and the hare

had this book as a kid If i found a good deal i'd buy this XD
this one i re-bought for my kid 
and this one was a re-buy i had this too as a kid


Indian Folk tales collection

Thursday, May 2, 2019

make mistakes

my own stuff i'm working T_T a test print for screen tone size and different programs...

web comics with DEMONS
All of these are great comics T_T I can't even keep up
Banquet by Anne Szabla Cool cool
Demon Hunter Kain by Burrell Gill Jr.
Soul to Call by Katherine Lang Damn this one is action packed awesome stuff
Damsels Don't Wear Glasses
Mage and Demon Queen by color_les ahh this one is really adorable made me laugh <3

Werewolf WEBCOMICS!!! :D 
a little collection cause i love werewolves
How to be a werewolf
On the Hunt
Paradigm Shift ughhhh such good backgrounds *_*
The Pinewood Curse (mini)
Black water
Moonlit Brew
lunar maladies