Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Read Webcomics Twitter Thread
PEOPLE!!!! so many great comics on this thread!! LOL I went to THE BOTTOM OF of this thread (it was long) BUT I FOUND SO MANY GOOD COMICS that I now need to read!!!!

Q & A sections in Web Comics - trend
+ Great way to engage the audience with the story, probe your audience for what they are confused about
- Removes reader from story, discounts author's story telling skills and important story information not intertwined in story, possible spoilers

Personally I skip over Q & A sections cause I find them long and tell the story in an informal style, I would rather learn the story history or mysteries in the actual story line not directly from author? I do enjoy Q & A at the end of a story when you are left craving more or i like if the Q&A sections are not in page roll but on a different section of the website

Reading webcomics, you read more beginnings then endings? 
which is sad but I understand completely, things happen in life or making comics TAKES TIME!!!  check back in a a year or two? :P

Another aspect to reading a webcomic rather than reading a novel...you have to wait between pages? is that good or bad? If the story is good at cliff hangers then this is good but if they are bad? its easy to lose attention also because there are so many comics being published all the time. This fact is good for a reader but as a creator can take it's toll on your mental state of why try?

I personally experience both spectrum of reactions from the nihilistic to excitement of the seeing something new! Looking at other people's work i feel inspired but I always try to put things in perspective to my own learning experience, looking for what I would do and will not do in my own work because you never stop learning.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Spat Tac Fountains

Spat Tac is a company created by my middle sister and her cat Ruby. They build the most unique pet fountains!!! I am so proud of them! Please consider buying one for your pet or share the link with another pet lover.
https://www.cattaps.com/  Thanks :D 

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

free write

My kid went to his first day of pre-school today. Sadly, I forgot to take pictures? I'll take them tomorrow? We were running late and the classroom was changed two times from the assigned one. This class is two days a week for two hours for a month, I thought I would ease him in before it's 5 days a week 3 hours a day! When we finally arrived in the correct room, the students were sitting in a circle. I sat him down pointing to the instructors telling him "These are your teachers, listen and share."
The teacher reassured me, "He will be fine."
but I was still weary so I exited the classroom and hung back spying on him through the window next to the door. It wasn't moments he was up and trying to play with the toy kitchen, and then I watch the a teacher correct him to sit down, he sits down and loudly says "NOT RIGHT NOW."
They nod in agreement with him. A few moments passed then he was back to trying to escape the sitting circle to play. Finally, the teacher releases the children to a free play. I dash back up to the teacher to explain his mommy only situation, she listens and comforts me by saying, "He's not crying so this is going great already."
I laugh and tell her, "I'll be back on time this time!"
She shows me where to wait and I thank her then I'm off.  Two hours is not much time? So I just end up watching the clock till I have to hustle back to the car. I get there 15 minutes early and end up reading all the sign up sheets and medical release forms. Then the teacher takes to him the door he doesn't leave the teacher's side until she tells him "Look, there's your mommy."
 He has the biggest grin on his face as he bolts down the hallway towards me. His teacher walks over to report with big eyes "He really loves to play. He did really well today."
My son is glowing and speaking in half sentences we thank his teacher whose name is Ms.Willow. Afterward I am barraged with hugs and soft head butts as we eat a picnic in the yard. He is very cute I can't help but laugh and feel very attached.