Saturday, August 31, 2019

sketchbook from jun - oct 2018!

This sketchbook is long, it's 370 pages! I don't have time to sit here and upload each image into this post, so I've made a PDF of it which you can view! Enjoy!

NOTE: the pdf is missing some of the pages due to boring notes or X rated content. It still contains some NSFW content, but it's very tame THEY ARE JUST DOODLES! pish posh! I've been very lazy about uploading sketchbook tours lately. I need to catch up to the present.

Monday, August 19, 2019


I have big plans for his birthday which i've decided will be CIRCUS themed!! I'm kinda saving all my pennies to throw a Hollywood party! *squeals* I'm HIRING A CLOWN!!! WOWeeeee XD! She does magic, balloon animals, and face painting!!!!!! The clown has yard games too! I'm going to buy some glitter hair spray so the kids can have crazy hair too! I'm thinking serving cake, popcorn, animal crackers, fruit so only snacks! WATER TOO!

I'm going to dress up like a clown too hahaha!!! I will be performing dog tricks after the magic show with Ginger (who is the real star!) She will also be dressed as a clown!!!!!!! I have to do this before he's too old and starts being like, "Oh no....My mom is weird..." XD I'm thinking I need to practice at the park prior to get Ginger comfortable with a park performance cause I have to take her off the leash for the hoop jumping! I'm going to need to make the best trick food like chicken or steak to keep her attention cause the kids and park will be a huge distraction!

I was also thinking of getting a ribbon dancing wand T_T maybe??? 

Project survival by AiYOKU  I dig the colors in this one
Brothers Keepers by akitku Ahhhh so cool!!!
Honey and Venom by kurzzdraws <3 this comic is so cute nice backgrounds

Book Reviews
Laura Dean keeps breaking up with me by Mariko Tamaki and Rosemary Valero-Oconnell
Really beautiful layouts I noticed Valero-Oconnell was constantly putting in botanical or detailed pattern drawings of food in the panel borders or using them as tools to zoom out to a quiet moment. I love how fluid the hair drawings were! I wasn't expecting the last turn in the book and I really enjoyed how it ended. GREAT STORY WOW! thanks guys! *round of applause* 

Spinning by Tillie Walden
Tillie Walden seems like a hard worker. Walden's book made me reflect on my own childhood. I'm not sure I was as independent and ambitious as Tillie. My childhood was very different, I never did any team sports...Tillie had a lot to say about competitive ice skating and how that formed the person Tillie is today. Great autobiographical comic and look into Tillie Walden's life; how they grew up and became aware of what they wanted out of life. 

side note: 
It's funny these two books had a very similar aesthetic, color palette approach
Spinning was shades of purple with touch of yellow
Laura dean shades of grey with touch of pink

By Chance or Providence by Becky Cloonan
I really enjoy Cloonan's work, it has had a big influence on me! I adore DEMO and EAST COAST RISING AHHH so good!!! I bought the Mire and Wolves when they were mini comics but I didn't read Demeter! This is a collection of these three mini comics which are so beautiful and I love when Cloonan does their own thing! I liked seeing the concept sketches, it seems to me that they have more ideas that aren't finished! There's a lot of sketches of a character with coin jewelry. She might be a fortune teller or gypsy but ;) I hope see more later! 

Haphaven by Norm Harper and Louie Joyce
This one I saw on the shelf and pulled it off cause the character grabbed my attention right away. Wow awesome concept; great use of Irish folklore and superstitions . Read it! 

The King of Birds by Alexander Utkin
Cool artwork and I love legends, myths, and fables. I am the target audience. Very unique because I know very little about Slavic myths. I want to read the other books in this series cause it did leave the end in suspense and you wanted to find out what happens next! 

Found this website 
its free to use images its a really extensive collection of museum art, modern art, and photographs good for references and study 

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


Ahhh forever down the you tube pit

I love this channel : School of Life
-The concept of joining life long love , exciting sex, family, and financial security is relatively new concept compared to timeline of human evolution. 
-Humans are still perfecting relationships and how Darwinism and our origins affect the dream of love. 
-Expectations can lead to disappointments. 

Last Week tonight with John Oliver  WAHH i really enjoy the topics he covers! 

Contrapoints Another great channel with interesting food for thought! 

Best movies i've seen lately 
Both so good T_T don't want to spoil just go watch!! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

What am I doing?

I want to make a short story titled Inflated the concept will between 16-24 pages in a children's book format using gauche. It's an idea I thought of back in 2010, but didn't really have any surrounding concepts just a character inspiration? Now I've encountered the inspiration to create the rest of the story/message?...but it will be depressing and disturbing... Debating on not making it? I think if I do, i'll release it but send it straight to pdf in my shop?  T_T My work bounces all around subject matters- audience-wise.

This comic has wonderful coloring very trippy 

Reflecting on my life, debating on not making anymore comics.  I consider myself pretty smart especially when I put my mind to it, but I'm tired of how the world treats artists. My art career is pretty much worthless in a capitalist economy? and the state of the environment? 

I have sketchbooks dating back to early 2000, I've put 20 years toward art and the reward has been so little. I really wish I would've invested my time in something  that would've had more value to world  besides me. I keep thinking about the concept of "fail faster" (This video sums it up well 4 Time-Saving Am I not reflecting on my failures? Should I be redirecting my energy? Some would say well you could do this or that and you could be more successful.

MAYBE...Have I've conquered enough? I have a lot of work to show for....Maybe I want to try something new? I think if I applied myself to something else I could do quite well. I don't have to be an artist my whole life?

I've been researching what other things I could do that I would enjoy... I'll have some time now that my son has started preschool. This is an opportunity. A crossroad. bah!!!! To make comics or do something different tis the question....

now i leave with you with an unfinished page from my abstract poetry comic