Sunday, September 29, 2019

digital art quams

I've opened the flood gates of hell...somewhere along the line something went horribly wrong....maybe i updated my Wacom driver from 2013. I've tried multiple driver versions while trying to trouble shoot my crappy tablet...MAYBE I NEED TO BUY A NEW PEN???  it's one of the few things i haven't done. Just looked up a receipt for my intuos4 is from 2009 the first pen broke in 2012 bought a second which is the one I have its 7 years old....hmm maybe but the thing is the tablet works for awhile? then after a short time it turns to a dot crazy pressure satanic possessed tablet...I...reinstalled windows....cause my windows update wasn't working I was convinced that was the problem. OK got windows installed and updates working which hey my computer has more space and seems so happy....and was able to INSTALL A NEW DRIVERS FOR EVERYTHING but it still works terrible...I've tried so many windows options disabled flicks, disabled pen and tablet services, unchecked windows ink, mess around with PS performance, used new and old drivers, disabled tip double click distance, tried different tablet I'm submitting a service request with Wacom maybe they can help??? 

 my redraw of this famous meme it's horrible as you can see HAHA I'm actually so crazied i'm debating on making it part of my style...if you can't beat them join them hahahaha!! Will make great abstract art LOL

HEY there was a hair line crack in the plastic of the pen along the groove that holds the circuit board in place, so i assume what was happening any pressure to the pen was moving the board and causing some errors? I used some super glue to repair the crack and then for extra security i added a tight rubber band to hold the crack together.....OMFG what a pain this has caused me such a small detail...i'll save money and buy a new pen. The plastic is so thin where it broke and the crack is on the plastic seam line as well apart of the groove that holds the circuit board in place; that seems like a bad design. Maybe I'll save and buy a new tablet? instead of a new 60$ pen? $60 can practically buy you a whole new beginner tablet....

My fix doesn't seems to work, Wacom had me do a Diagnostic test on it (I had no idea the wacom software had this option) it doesn't look's reading all wrong for pen tip it's suppose to read 1 when pressed. Mine is reading 1 or 2 or 1,2. Button 2 is working. Button 3 is reading 3 or open when pressed which is not good!!! OH NOES sounds like its time to lay this one to rest....

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

love buzz scanned

LMAO!!! someone took the time to scan this graphic novel XD great. Actually I was waiting for the right time to get the rights back so I could do stuff with it but this works too.
Love Buzz is rated 18 +
175 pgs published in 2009
Now i'm going to check out what else this website has....
welcome to the shady side of the internet :P

Tuesday, September 24, 2019


This dream disrupted my sleep, it was a long dream. About a group of people trapped in a top floor of an apartment building. Inside there was a group of people who were slaves and masters. The slaves were tortured, held in cages, forced to work, and under fed. The dream focused on the side of the captives, they wanted to leave the apartment but were unable. Then one of them had an opportunity to escape; food was running low. The captive was deranged and angry for the torture they had endured, they had found a broken exact-o knife. While one of the captors were laying in bed, the slave debated on killing their captor to free themselves; ultimately the logic came down it's either them or me. Clutching the weapon the slave stabbed the captor in the eye and sprinted to the door leaving another slave locked in cage. Outside of the doors of the apartment everything seemed normal, a group of school girls were walking to school. In desperation they blurted out their problem telling the girls to alert the police, the girls ran off to make the report.
The escapee knew they had to go back and save their friend, but didn't want to go alone. They wander into a bar, and meet Stephen King who was sitting in the bar. They told Stephen King of their troubles and he decided to help.  He had a floating head in a jar of water and then he put it over his own head. Water splashed over his coat as he looked taller and his new animatronic faux head came to life. The head had facials features of homeless man and it moved slowly he said, he used the head as a decoy.
As they head back to the apartment the dream shifted to my own life, watching my child almost getting hit by a car and me in total terror screaming at him, "get out of the road!" then I woke up.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

November 2018 full sketchbook

philosophy and cooking recipes :O

I've been thinking about other professions I wanted to be over the years. In chronological order, artist, a veterinary, mechanic, solider, teacher, lawyer, police officer, and scientist. As a child all I wanted to do was care for animals, but I feared blood and guts growing up. As a teenager, I was very serious about becoming a mechanic or solider but decided against since it was so male dominated and didn't want to deal with the opposition.  My first degree in college was teaching, but switched degrees to focus on art. My 30's, I've been considering becoming a police officer, to which everyone says, "-but you're a mom?" to which I reply, "exactly,  I'd like think compassion and guidance is better than brute force?  That- and I could die tomorrow and have no regrets." everyone replies by shaking their head in disapproval. Maybe just something in law would be cool? I could use my writing and readings skills along with my love for history. A scientist would've been fun, I really should've focused on that as a young is interesting and has lots of applications but only older me has begun to appreciate it's value. 

Saturday, September 7, 2019

long winded

After hours of being annoyed with my tablet's pressure sensitivity everything has returned to normal. My tablet was giving me some pressure sensitivity, to dotting lines, to NO pressure sensitivity, to absolutely losing control of my cursor! I spent the whole evening trying to figure out what is going on?? Restart? NO? Let me update the drivers, that didn't work. Hmm, let me mess with all these settings ON EVERYTHING! NO?!! WTH? Is this pen broken?? IN DESPERATION, I decided, I'll take the pen apart and put it back together? Lol then it worked just fine. I think it got out of wack from a drop? or too hard of a hard grip? I dunno, but I'm going to go insane...

My damn computer! It can't update windows! Ughhhhh, it's not communicating with windows server i tried to tech support it with them and they tried everything. I give them an A for effort but they couldn't fix it without wanting to reset windows, to which I replied, "AHHH no!!! I don't need your help with that! I have the CD! Jeez. I'll lose my programs!! Please, no, I'll just live with it gimped." Knock on wood! Please don't break Excalibur!! *backs up data again*

TODAY I also found a cockroach in my apartment! I'M DYING people NOOOOOOOOOOO! I NEED SOME SPIDER FRIENDS ASAP! The non-poisonous kind please apply to come live with me for free. Now I'm not dirty!!! I suspect my neighbors might be because those guys travel through your duct work and pipes! They send soldiers out to branch out and find more food sources! I went crazy cleaning every inch of my house...the pest exterminator are coming but, I am still in panic mode. I vacuumed a bunch of them up and I captured two of them in a plastic container...I DON'T want anyone to tell me, "Lady, you crazy."

No, I know what cockroaches are...

storytime from my childhood-
my dad was a property manager...he had many buildings...that's what I did a lot as a kid and teen just go for rides and help my dad. I got to drink all the soda I wanted and eat my fill of Cheetos, but I also did lots of painting and cleaning! My job was the gopher- go for this tool, go get this part. I remember one building 3543 was infested with cockroaches so bad, YOU WOULD WALK in the apartment and they would be everywhere! falling on your shoulder! Scampering away!  UGH, I hate how they leave poop trails everywhere they go! My dad had to evict all the tenants from that building to bomb the place! The tenants kept leaving food out!? Cockroaches wont die with a food source for real and it was just impossible to kill them with people living there. Luckily, it was only a 4-plex but still I'll never forget that.  That building was built during the early 1920's. It had the creepiest basement, over the years my dad had walled of different parts of the basement at different times...when something broke we would have to go behind the barricade walls.

You would walk down a wooden stair case which were open stairs so I always imagined something grabbing my feet as we descended. The section to the left was the last section to be walled off, to enter we would have to open the dry wall which was screwed shut. Once inside you'd be greeted with a burned storage unit that had a charred toilet in it and old mattress by the door. You have to walk pass more storage units which were filled with junk covered in dust. I remember one of the units was filled with animal cages which I found really eerie...At the end, you would see a huge iron boiler that had this ornate antique metal door with a lock and a window were you could see the fire stoking behind it.

The right side of the basement was the first side to be boarded up. It contained the old laundry room and more storage units...I only remember going there clearly one time when the sewer backed up...but it was just as terrifying. As you walked through you could see various abandoned storage units filled with bikes, car parts, and boxes. I always wondered what was down there. The laundry room was toward the front of the building, old washing machines sat around and a creepy dirty stainless steel metal table in the center.  It honestly looked like torture chamber...None of the lights worked so we always went in the basement with only flashlights. The laundry room side was pitch black since there was no windows....that basement seemed like it was straight out of a horror movie... I liked the boiler side more cause at least the boiler illuminated the area around it.

I remember my dad, would be like "Ok, you keep an eye on this, while I check upstairs to see if it's working." I'd squeal, "NO WAY! I'm coming with you!!!" As a teen, I would stay down there...but dammit, I hated every moment of it. I remember working one time and my dad was telling a story of an power shortage he experienced while working in the basement, He was remodeling the building so it had no one living in it at the time. When the electricity went out, he heard some loud unusual noises. It freaked him out so he high tailed it out of there! Then he continues to tell me, "Sometimes I still think about that day when I'm down here." My dad doesn't spook that easily, while I'm a total nervous nell. 

Friday, September 6, 2019

magical user

i want to make a mini comic where i draw in an anime style and use sketchup backgrounds hahah XD I'm thinking this is my main character experimenting with hair styles we shall see if i get around to this i've been draggin' my feet....
his familiar XD not sure about colors yet