Friday, December 25, 2020


Happy holidays 🎄 for you the tale of Silverhoof!
Please check it out! Enjoy!

I found this tale while reading Russian folk tales and felt really inspired to draw Silverhoof. To me the story has a Christmas vibe but also is a variation of an unicorn. The original story was written by Pavel Bazhov in 1938. I wanted to work in a very different style and I think it came out great! I used the Ipad to create this with the digital pen by Adrawpen and the program Sketches by Tayasui
Since my Ipad is so old i couldn't get procreate but this program by tayasui is pretty good! 
TO DO LIST: start a webcomic project: Lvl 1 Reader 
I can post all the children's books and kids comics I've made here and make some new content like hide n seek images, how to draw, kids activities ideas, silly rhyming words shorts with some illustrations, vocabulary? maybe some teaching tools with beginner words,  comic read recommendations, and possibly post my son's drawings comics that he's made. He made a really cute one about 3 ducks! :D I think this could be fun to assemble.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Reading is cool!

Amy has published her novel
Scivias on Webnovel (mobile link)  Rated R
Scivias is set in 1600's about a young girl named Realm, who lands a job as a scully maid working for a wealthy lord. This starts a series of events that causes her life to spiral out of control. Pulled between her master's infatuation with the occult, romance, and obedience. Realm struggles to find happiness and return to a simpler time. 

I'm so proud of her! :D Please read & share it! <3

Got my kid (who is 5 years old) Dog Man A tale of Two Kitties by Dav Pilkey, I was really surprised how much we enjoyed it. He already enjoys comics, Garfield books was the only thing he asked Santa for Christmas! I'm going to brag because he is a good reader. He started reading sometime around 4 and enjoys reading! He also can read much better than I could at his age.  ANYWAY  I bought this comic cause I've seen it on best seller lists and been interested to see what it's about. Now, I can see why kids love it, the art is colorful and child like; the characters are funny. I really liked how the artist included a "Flip o-Rama" basically an animation flip technique to "animate" certain scenes in the book. COOL! I need to try adding this to one of my projects!

Shambhavi by Shunti Chaha on Webtoons This webcomic is a gem among pebbles! I really enjoyed the art and the story seems very authentic day in the life of an Indian woman. READ IT :D another comic reading service, app and desktop friendly. I think it looks promising and could rival Tapas or Webtoon

Currently working on illustrating a short Christmas tale hoping I can finish it in time to post on Christmas!! WHICH by the way! I got a free light up white tree by the curb! as they say, "one man's trash is another man's treasure."

 Hahaha! I've never owned a Christmas tree but this year feels extra festive! The fake tree is in great shape with box and everything I think someone threw it out cause they wanted a different color! I decorated it with toys and earrings hehehe cause why not! 


Tuesday, December 8, 2020


The Cultural Significance of Cyberpunk by CCK 

This is the not the first time these ideas have come across my dashboard, I saw some post on Tumblr one time someone complaining how our ideas of the future hasn't changed since the 80's that was the first seed for me. These videos in this detail was a heavy anvil smashing my little brain. I love cyberpunk, but as a sit down to attempt to work on another graphic novel, Superhero (name subject to change) not only am I having a hard time fixing the plot holes of 2017 Michelle. The comic has clear cyberpunk influences, I have to try harder to not rehash ideas for this I should try to contribute to  image of a new future or at least make an attempt.  

 Mark Fisher : The Slow Cancellation Of The 

"is this trend of nostalgia an accident? or are part of a culture because of the condition we have found our self in, where we can only find appeal in pre-established cultural modes, repetition, in rehashes, in caging ourselves in the safety of the familiar. The correlate of the future that will not arrive, is a past that wont disappear, past cultural forms that will not let us move on, are like the ruins of the video game Worlds, in the 90's this was a popular online multiple player game but over the years it would be completely abandoned, if Worlds was a material structure it would be falling into ruins, but it's digital nature prevents it from ever decaying a structure that cannot decay is a structure that cannot provide space for new structures. The eerie result is architecture that is clearly outdated but unchanging dragging behind the present, a world stuck in time for Fisher this is our world." 

quote from  Hauntology, Lost Futures and 80s Nostalgia by Jonas Čeika - CCK 

This really got me cause Yes! I suffer from this but most of the time I'm living with this fact happily; that having access to my past in a clear form is a good thing but now I'm not so sure. As I reopen the files to edit, jump back into old ideas. Earlier this year, my Sister was complaining to me that I may have outgrown my script and characters and I should move on and make something new but I am attached to it and want to finish it. It's a curse really. But when I'm in the process of gutting it, to retool it, simplify it. WILL IT EVEN BE THE SAME!?!??! HOW CAN I SHED MY PAST? FML!

I play a long game so don't get too excited. I have to overthink everything first ok, thanks :D


Also in other comic news! Smack Jeeves is closing it's doors wow! I'm shocked!
Smack Jeeves notice to users  It looks like they are turning into Pocket Comics app...

Friday, December 4, 2020

the strange ones are easy to remember


1. I dreamed, that humans were smuggled out of this world into alternative dimension and were being used as pets for a race of anthromorphic beings. The dream followed a group of humans as they entered this parallel world, a gorilla woman ushered them in a room where they could look up see hundreds of humans in single cell cages mounted on a tall wall all in different states of despair. One of the women from the group was selected by the gorilla woman to be her personal pet, since she was a smart older woman. The woman was forced to remove her clothes and sort through a box of folders that included writings by other humans, the gorilla was one of the organizers of the pound. The woman was reading and ordering the notes by date. As she read she became more disenchanted with her situation. The rest the group was sent on a tour by Jaguar who toured them through the facility he led them through the prisons where they kept all the bad humans who refused to cooperate it was grim, bloody, and cell of chained torture; surrounded by dead bodies. 

2. I dreamed, that a man was trying to learn the Geotia religion on his quests to understand he went through this forest, where everywhere he traveled the forest was covered in eyes. Eyeballs in the bark, on the leaves, amongst the rocks, inside of flowers and they were all looking at this traveler. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

CTL on Webcomics App ~!

 Click Track Lolita was accepted to join Webcomics App! Check it out!  

So far the reception of the my comic has been really good! I'm very happy and feel very fortunate! Thanks to Webcomics App for placing it on the front page of their app on release! *_*

Webcomics App is a nice app for reading webcomics they have big collection of anime comics that they've created! It seems like they are interested in expanding scope to include independent web comic creators. I noticed they added some popular artists from other sites such as Lackadaisy by Tracey J Butler, Undefiled Wings by Spigarose, and Kitty Kitty Bang Bang by Evan Moe just to name a few. 

Super Special thanks to Spigarose of Undefiled Wings <3 I was able to message and interview them about Webcomics App before I signed up just to get a feel for how they treated their creators and Spigarose had nothing to say but good things about the Webcomics App

 A bonus to this app is that each comic has a Discussion board, where fans can post, connect, bond, and share fan works with each other; as well as creators can talk directly to their fans and post special art or notices! 

If you don't want to download the app no problem! They have a website you can read all their comics on from any computer or device which is also user friendly!

Friday, November 6, 2020

Living dance party!!

Best comics I've read lately!
Excellent comic, that deals with social anxiety told in a very classic anime style but what I love is how the artist uses a watercolor digital brush! wow! 
Intense horror comic! It pulls you right in, it's kinda a play on body snatchers but it's a very unique variation. It's actually inspired by a dream the artist had, cool! CHECK IT OUT!
Great slice of life in COVID times of young adulthood, dating, roommates and work-life. I really like the weird anthro characters too. 
Rated R! This artist illustrates one panel comics of bad dates or stupid things people have said during dates submitted by the audience. Most of them are really shocking and crazy, but I'm sure there's a couple that were exaggerated. Regardless fun read!
The comic is knitted dolls posed and I just find it really adorable and crafty!


Righeira No Tengo Dinero. youtube- this song is the story of my life and its fun to dance too haha :D
Kylie Minogue - I Love It. youtube kylie released a new album WOO
Night Club - "Gossip".youtube
Pnau -  
Jessie Ware - What’s Your Pleasure?.youtube I like the dancing in this one   

Monday, November 2, 2020

Why begin it that way!?

 Why is there so many common starting points for comics!??? I read a lot of indie hobby comic artist stories and it amazes me that everyone uses a couple of the same introductions.

Another extremely popular starting point is "LATE FOR SCHOOL/WORK" the other variation is "WAKE UP FROM A BAD DREAM!"starting the day with the character.

I'm really bored of this starting point, probably because I have used this trope in Stakeout looking back I cringe because it's the late for school and first person narration. Superpose Solider also used this trope too but it was more play on a trope to establish shojo mood and he wasn't intentionally late but events caused him to to be late.

Getting off topic; the late for school I believe it came from Sailor Moon, Card Captor also used it, but I'm sure there's a whole list of animes, or comics that start this way.  I might need to build a list for this.

This post is related to this previous post Hold the Phone : World Lore Beginning

Thursday, October 22, 2020



Watched this video, it's a really interesting video analysis. I do remember Jenna Marbles, wasn't a subscriber but did see some of her videos. The concept of authenticity is the core concept that engaged me the most. Mostly cause I was able to relate this back to myself and my blog. Here's my summary and highlights that I found to be the most important. 

The video talked about internet persona versus showing your whole self. It used Jenna as an example how in the beginning Jenna used her vlog like a personal diary the audience grew with her, in contrast to now where everything is a bit more manufactured and edited. Another point was discussing how any one entry can be viewed out of context and when the audience sees an entry (which may be old),  they see that post as who that person is at the current moment. Giving the audience a flat sense of who the person is, ignoring the journey that we go on as we develop. The people who we surround ourselves in our inner circles we allow them to transform make mistakes, grow, and forgive. 

The video also quoted, Elon Musk saying, we now are cyborgs, (we may not have implants) but we are carrying around phones that allow us to access this wealth of information instantaneously. As well being able to refer to our digital selves/ social media accounts, which acts is an extension of our memory and self.  When you are viewing your memories through a computer it is crystal clear with picture, video, text versus people a 100 years ago who only had their memory (maybe books) but memory fades over time.

All good food for thought! 

Opulence |

Another video I enjoyed watching recently! :D Mostly, I just listen to videos while I draw. The whole video was great examination on opulence and what it is. My favorite part was the section on RUIN. How ruined opulence becomes Gothic culture. Dracula was a story that sold the idea of fear of the rich to the reader, the seducer trope. I never thought of it like that but yes, although I will say Dracula was based on Vlad the Impaler a 15th-century prince from Wallachia, Romania.


I dreamed I was at a comic convention, that was hosted in a mall. It was a really poorly run convention. They were having awards announcement and everyone there was a nominee. When the person next to me received an award. I was shocked cause this dream person had only made simple comic that was very abstract and fairly new to the scene. I was appalled in my dream thinking, I've been making comics for 10 years and this person wins. Good for them but I'll never receive any recognition, so I got up and left. I got in my car and drove in circles around the edge of the mall parking trying to figure out how to get out of there! In my frustration I almost crashed into a sign. When I woke up, my first thought was ugh, it's been more like 14 years...

In response to my dream, I've had lots of fun making comics! My glass half full day personality really wont let my dream rain on my parade. But I would like to request my subliminal mind to play a dream about ghosts or something else please LOL. 

The other day, I was watching a live broadcast on Deviantart, and it featured a really popular artist with thousands of followers, who it doesn't matter but they were complaining about how many likes they were getting and that the algorithm was hard to figure out and compete with...I couldn't help but think, what the hell?! You are on a live broadcast with Deviantart! That algorithm helped give you all those followers! Yes, you did work hard but do you know how ungrateful that sounds? I can't relate, I had to leave. So I guess it's true, the grass is greener on the other side.

We live in a world where not everyone is going to make it, and we idolize the ones on the top. Believing everyone else on the bottom to be less than but that's not true. Everybody is important in the machine of a society we are. It's ok to not make it big.

How Joji Reveals The Dark Side of Fame.

The Relatable Royal Trope, 

Paris Hilton Created a Monster.. & we're all apart of it.

These videos goes in depth more about popularity kinda cool listen!

Monday, October 19, 2020

Indigenous peoples day

I really wanted to make something to celebrate and spread awareness about Indigenous Peoples day! :D
I was a bit late on finishing it but some states have different days for the same holiday. The main character was inspired by Cherokee fashion but overall I really enjoy Native American art and culture its really captivating. I'm really glad that the holiday is now honoring the proper people :D
Speaking of holiday comics prepare yourself.
I plan on making a Christmas comic that will be for children. :3!  

Friday, October 9, 2020

Sketchbook Tour June 2019 to February 2020

**Sketchbook Tour PDF June 2019 - February 2020**

 This document is 185 pages! I don't mess around LOL It's a really good sketchbook full of ideas and studies! check it out!

Friday, October 2, 2020

Click Track Interview

M. Sorcier creator of Sacrimony  interviewed me on their website, it's a really great collection of interviews of web comic artists, good way to find new comics. :D

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Online art trends

Comic hosting services
French webcomic website, for french creators and by invite for translations!
english - allows creators to publish issues to be available to read for subscribers

High low comics by Rob Clough
this blog has some really nice comic reviews! They read lots of good stuff great for comic recommendations!
*It's rare to find an active blog these days, Vlogging is the popular form these days but some people still enjoy reading. 

Rise and fall of fanart, there's always classic fandoms but some are more subject to a time period.

Oekaki + paint chat communities
Since the program didn't allow for importing, everything had to drawn but did allow for collaborations between users allowed access to edit. Paint chats had role-playing between art friends.

Deviantart Community
Meet the artist- I would say this originated for DeviantIDs
Inspiration Map
Decade of Art- 10 artworks selected to represent a year
A Year of Art / Year End - 12 artworks from each month
Facial Expression Challenge
Ask my OC

Instagram Art Community
#inktober #mermay #Best9 #Witchsona #Drawthisinyourownstyle #DTIYS #Whatsinyourbag #Faceyourart #shipdynamics #artvsartist  #typesofartists  #6fanarts #5minuteartistmeme #letsmakeamagicalgirl #sailormoonredraw #toonme #Goofysona #Voguechallenge #strawberrydress #Artstyleblend

Instagram + twitter use promotion tags too here are some popular ones
#artistsupport #artshare #portfolioday #drawingwhileblack #visiblewomen #queerartists #comicspaidme

Art Station?? I'm not really apart of this community to know?? I know they have a style preference; highly rendered, game art, digital painting style they like to promote

Tumblr?? I feel like tumblr gets a lot of cross over from instagram and twitter...but trends that originated there?

If anyone knows please let me know

Monday, August 31, 2020

Comics and reviews

#Strawberrry dress
Just kidding It's cherry! 
I'm sorry I couldn't finish it tho...I was like this isn't me...
  Art Trends can get to be too much of the same! :/ Literally who wants to show up to a party and see 100 other people wearing the same dress as you? Oh heck no! Same philosophy. On the flip side, there is some beauty in the minor differences that the individual presents. 
Let's go back to that one meme
is it blue and black or gold and white?? THIS IS THE INTERNET! fyi: I think it was blue and black ALSO Photoshop! hahah who cares! I guess it's all for fun :D

Fighting league Webcomics
POUND by Tony Karnowski and Orlando Caicedo
ORDEAL by Brent Bristol
This comic is really cool, and excellent illustrations! ANatomy! top notch!
GREY MATTER by Erik Bitmanis
Cosmo Knights by Hannah Templar
Star Impact by Jack Mcgee
I curated this webcomic group for my own research to make sure I don't cross over when finishing my own and I might add more later if I find more that fit. 

Maus and Maus II by Art Spiegelman
I had found the first novel in a thrift store, I knew this was going to be a good book since everyone has told me to read it, I just haven't gotten around it. It was an excellent book, very elaborate survival tale. It's a miracle his father survived world war II, so many parts of the book were revealing and sad. I really enjoyed how Spiegelman weaved together the present with the past. As well as including the artist reflections and self critique on retelling the story of victims of war.

Earthset by Afterburner
Really GOOD android and human romance comic! I almost fell out of my chair with this one ~! AHh I LOVED IT AND IT HAS AN ENDING!!!! I don't want to spoil anything! JUST GO Read it!~

Let's be crystal clear, I like long comics but seriously there is WAY too many LONG stories that are tons of issues or novels, alternative universes, parallel time lines, or just plain reboots.  Epics seems to be the standard for what people aspire to create, aka the cash cows. These are all well in good but when you are consuming, it's easy for your attention to wane and they lack the punch at the end; cause most of the time the ending isn't that phenomenal compared to the journey! So, that's one thing to consider when writing.  I tend to gravitate toward stories that I know have an ending, it's really hard for me to watch TV shows cause it's so common for them to just drop it. As a comic reader, I rarely see these epics or issue comics come to a conclusion. Which can be frustrating; endings are important and difficult to write. Anybody can start a story but can you end it?

Saturday, August 29, 2020

quick memo

Jealousy of accomplishments
how to cope, the inner pep talk
the act wears down
isolated in comparison
accepted but not included
lace doesn't cover

Spoiled lap dog
cries to be relatable, what complaints
fences all around, turn around
some up above
where are your friends?
It's just you with your thoughts
inside your home
age is apparent
the mirror is a constant reminder
of a missed bus
this is a game for the young
why waste time

Tuesday, August 25, 2020


I dreamed, I was making a comic, haha! I know not a very fantastical dream!

It was a collaboration with another artist. The artist had a style like Lucky! by CaezHel oddly specific, but they had sent me character chart with the front, back, side, and different head expressions. The character was an ornate elf person. I printed them out and made them into a paper puppet with pins so the character could be pose-able. I made a stand for it and you could interchange the head. Then I set up a background which was a littlest pet shop tree house that I decorated to look like an elven forest. So I began posing the character in the background and took the photos and was creating a story taking different shots and angles. Thinking how can I make this more dynamic?...then I woke up.

Actually this is a cute idea, I could see myself doing something like this for a short story book project *adds to giant mental to do list*  XD

Thursday, August 20, 2020

why prioritize others before you?

Feeling a bit aimless lately...
I want to do all this stuff but can't decide what to focus on. Blah!! 
I guess I'll just fill up sketches books. 
>_> What have I become!!!?!?!??!

Things to do
-Make some simple animations gif type stuff and some longer storyboard animations!!
-Make a video slide show for CTL with music and make some promo gifs
-Make an anime style comic
-Do a drawing prompt list
-USE SIMPLER art styles
-Finish superhero (name might change) it will be a full color graphic novel lots of fighting comic...that might take me some time. 
-Make graphic novel about angels dive into old characters .....
-Finish Inflated, I have no idea if i will finish it cause it's so disturbing
-MAKE CHILDREN'S BOOK retellings of old tales simple stuff - L.S.H
-Maybe make another volume of CTL?!?! 
-Make more painting digital and traditional!
-Learn a musical instrument
-Raise another kid?!?!?! 
-Release unused scripts
-MAYBE I'LL DIE WHO KNOWS if Amy dies i will also add her characters/stories to my list of things to do and try to get to those too hahah
-Make a puppet show T_T
-Do a dog show with ginger
-Abstract dance performance
-Learn partner dancing 
-Get super buff? 
-Wear weirder make up! XD
-Learn math better I plan on reteaching myself as a teach my kid we'll see how that goes...

I write this down in hopes something will manifest! Come on!

Watched a super horrific movie Come and See older film about world war 2 the acting was so good and the shots were really unique.  I've always enjoyed history it was one of the subjects in school I was good at. Also my dad is also super into history and watching documentaries.  I suppose that's why I enjoy making stories, history is the stories of our past.  Major downside to this movie it was heartbreaking! I DON'T recommend you watch this if you feel squeamish about war violence. Even I had a hard time sleeping afterward, the movie kept replaying in my head, then my brain was going over all the wars throughout history up to the wars going on RIGHT NOW! :/ Some of human history is hard to review but it's important to remember our mistakes so we don't repeat them.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Fell off the edge of the planet

Took a month break, cause I went to Minnesota to visit my family. My Aunt is dying of lung cancer and my parents are getting old they were born in the 50's, my dad's health hasn't been that great the last couple of years. :( You're probably thinking COVID?!?! Yes, I did quarantine at my sister's home and wore masks everywhere before I went to visit the old folks. The thought of saying goodbye to them has been looming in the back of mind. I do get along with both of my parents pretty well. I use to have hang ups about their parenting mistakes but ever since I've become a parent, I realized that parents are just people, trying to do their best and nobody is perfect. While this is no excuse, you should try to do and be your best for your children, love them for who they are, not who you want them to be.

Minnesota is prettier than Arizona, gosh it's so damn hot here. My kid was riding his bike when he fell on the black tar street, it only took him a few seconds to start screaming, "It's HOT, MOMMY!!" He pulls his hands off the street but is still screaming when he realizes he has to put his hands back on the ground to stand up. Reluctantly he stood up quickly; everything happened so fast. I couldn't help but laugh but did try to console him about the hot street.

This reminds me of another story, last year I took him to Minnesota during the winter time, and my sister had gotten him a whole winter set, but he wouldn't keep his mittens on. We eventually gave up trying to put them back on. This was his first time in the snow. Outside he sees a big pile of snow; I tried to warn him, "it's gonna be cold!" but he just dives hands first. Instantly, he starts screaming and crying. Quickly I took him inside, washed his hands with warm water. Later my sister and I were giggling about it, I'm sure we did something similar as children but don't remember it.

Anyway, it felt good to step back from social media. Social media is super distracting and a bit draining for me BUT I do like to stay updated. The problem is the amount of time I spend doing that seems out of balance with the rest of my responsibilities and goals. So, I will have to try to step back more.

Best movies I watched while gone:

Time on this earth is finite. I keep thinking about my Aunt, it was really nice that she is able to say goodbye to her family, reach old age, and come to some terms with the end. Instead of being torn from this world. Life just goes by too fast. It reminds me of that saying, "Get busy living or get busy dying."

Friday, June 26, 2020

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Future of Comics

Going AFK not going to have access to internet for july…which is ok, I need a break X_X

Hmmmm, I'm wondering what I'm going to do next, Click Track Lolita, will continue to update Thursdays  at theduckwebcomics.

+small friendly community !
+when a comic is updated your comic icon is displayed on the front page for some time.
+able to upload the print version no formatting necessary.
+using a mobile browser is legible and user friendly
=time is valuable

Instead, I'd like to use that time working a new project to release. I have 3 different ideas that are bouncing around in my head that will be fun to work on in a bit more relaxed timeline. Also debating on in the future, I should format comics for instagram in the square format making a comic only account. I should try this but one big draw back is that instagram is in chronological order so the beginning; you'll have to scroll to the bottom.  :/

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Cup of Tea Anthology on Indiegogo

Earlier this year I made a short comic written by Jens Richard for anthology called My Cup of Tea all the stories are focused on tea! :D It's a really nice anthology please consider supporting the fundraiser if you would like to read or own a copy! 

Wednesday, June 3, 2020


 I hope everyone is doing well!
:( It's a turbulent time in history!
Stay strong!

I made this for my webcomic, Click Track Lolita 
 cool but simple

I also made this Gif for Superpose Solider 
again super simple symbol tween! I'm just dipping my toe in!
Honestly I'd really like to make some bigger animation projects in the future! After I finish Superpose Solider I might just do that! These have a similar color palette :/ I need to expand my color palette choices but overall happy with the results :3

The dream was a bout a little girl with pigtails who had found a 70's orange refrigerator in her basement. She opened it to find a tunnel, she crawled through it; on the other side was a room that lead through another room after another room, long hallways, then she meet another person standing in an empty room who wanted to play. At first it was fun but something was off about this person they wanted the little girl to stay forever. She tried to go back but they got angry and stopped her, locking the refrigerator door with a padlock and hid key. The little girl was now trapped on the wrong side of the door, and the person turned into a monster with a lobster claw that demanded this little girl play all day and be their friend forever. One day she was playing hide and seek with the monster and she ran to the cabinet where the monster had hid the key,  she broke in to steal the key, then with the key in hand ran back down the hallway and rooms to get to the room with the  small orange refrigerator. When she found it she was in a panic, quickly she unlocked the padlock and took the lock with her inside back through the tunnel, when reached the other side she used the padlock to lock the refrigerator on her side of the world. Shortly after she locked it the refrigerator door starting banging and she ran away hiding the key in a place where no one would find it. 
This dream reminds me of Alice in wonderland or Coraline I need to draw a picture of the characters cause it was pretty vivid dream. the rooms also reminded me of my an apartment building 3517 my dad use to have.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Youtube Artists

Random digital doodle

Ethanbecker Channel
Ethan please smoke that cigarette or trash it!!! XD he must've lipped that cigarette to death, gross lol

Best advice/ NOTES:
-be conscious of your mistakes/ break down photos
-make cross then copy paste, rotate then again and again STAR THINGY!

Gesture drawings:
-spine is two straight lines
-using the mask

DrawWithJazza Channel
I also like this guy I like his tutorials and diversity of video ideas

ColorwithKurt Channel
Great comic coloring tutorials 

Creepshowart channel
if you like youtube drama and art this channel might be for you

RIP tumblr fyeahartstudentowl  
so many memes lost T_T you were a good blog


The Secret Darker Art of Dr.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

platform comics 10K Challenge

lol I already have lots of to do but then I saw that Platform Comics was running a comic challenge to draw a short comic in 7 days!
I've got help tho! James Smith is my collaboration partner he's drawing it, he asked me awhile ago to do a collab I said, sure! I like to try to do stuff that I think will be worth making a comic for. I've known James from Deviantart/jhames34 I'm writing, coloring, and letters! He's inks and design! 

They didn't tell me the theme till it started :/
I GOT SUBMARINE~!  What the!!???
You also have to include one line of dialogue and it has to be 4-8 pages long. I had to research, you know what I found? Submarines aren't popular in comics. No, I only found like two webcomics about them! 
This is the best one, it is really cute <3

My favorite submarine movies are Sphere and Yellow Submarine...I need to watch 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea but I read the summary ha! I had a hard time thinking of something cool, and I learned a lot about submarines and their history...hahah :o) Overall, I'm happy with the outcome!

PAGE 1! enjoy!

Sunday, May 17, 2020

webcomics angels and demons

Angel Webcomics Christianity
Angels Power By Amélie Hutt 
Angel's power is probably my favorite!!! It has wonderful art and i like the unique take on the story!
Angels quest By marycrispies
Halfwing by Jeremy walker
Angel Sancutary by Kaori Yuki
This one defiantly inspired me as a teen, love the story and art! Also the soundtrack is super good!
For Love by Alan Capes this one has both demon and angels love story :D
Beneath the Ark by Orangeplum


MISC Angel inspiration 
Obviously any classical art!
Angelarium by Peter Mohrbacher
unique series of paintings devoted to angels
Michael Cooper -painter
he also does some very cool angel/demon work

Favorite Angel Movies
The Prophecy

 I really want to make an angel graphic novel. I had some ideas for one when i was a teenager but i've totally put that idea on the back burner but would love to go back to it. Above is some art I did for it in 2006. For sure i would redesign most of the characters and simplify the plot ideas possibly re title it... :? I also would like to make a comic in...a screen cap style i think this one would be really cool to do it with

Angel/bird Race Webcomics:
Avibus By CRFahey
Avialae By Lucid NSFW
White Noise by Adrien Lee
Hell Hounds by Sleepingpoppy
Step Aside By Orange Savannah
The Croaking by Megan Stevenson
Little Garden Comics by Darryl Ayo Brathwaite
This one includes angels/bird races, demons, and other monster inspired races

HONESTLY I would argue DEMONS are more popular than Angels at the moment...demon summoning using pentagram, demon boyfriend/girlfriend/ slave, possessed by demon, inner demons

Demons Webcomics
Kill 6 Billion Demons by Tom Parkinson-Morgan 
This one is super good it also include angels and lots of religious icons *****
Soul to Call by Katherine Rommie Lang
Ava's Demon by Tinypaint
Verse by Sam Beck
Lies within by byelacey
Demon For Hire by mimi Leblanc
Undivine by Ayme Sotuyo
Casual Hex by Ria Martinez, Taneka Stotts, Genue Revuelta
Hellbound by Ahmar Smith
my Best Friend Marneao by Elautor
Fuzzy by Niuniente
Enokan by Apollo
Heart Hex by Tendermiri
 The Devil's Comic by Suitboxers
Demonology by Ann-Joanne
Demonology 101 by Faith Erin Hicks
MIssummon by Sharpibees
Honey and Venom by Kurzz
Black Pupil by Tub
Satan and Me by Orangeplum


1.This dream took place in Victorian times or early 1900's featured a rich heiress, who was being held up by a group of soldiers during a revolution. They entered her house and started ransacking all her things, she was able to escape to another house on her estate but they followed her. They forced her to the basement where they found a tomb of her relatives. They were stealing from the tomb when they knocked open one of the coffins which housed a decaying body of her great grandfather who started to wake up disgruntled. He bit a soldier killing them, then attacking the rest of the soldiers each time getting stronger, his hair some facial features came back, but he was still half dead. The heiress was terrified to find out her relative was a vampire and she was not.  Now she was trapped in this house with her undead grandfather besides the fireplace.

2. I was at my sister's house and trying to get inside but her yard was covered in alligators and disfigured kittens, some where dead some where alive. Trying to pass through the yard these animals were trying to attack me. A cat grabbed my leg and clawed deep into the skin as I tried desperately to pry it away. Finally I got it free from my body and tossed it into the yard as an alligator gobbled it up, I ran inside shutting the door.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Sketchbook Tour 2012 AND 2019

So last summer I was in Minnesota and wanted more paper to draw on so I went into my storage bins of old sketchbooks! I picked one that was kinda bare and decided to fill it out! What I considered finished in 2012 is much white space bah!! Honestly I would like to finish more of my old sketchbooks so I don't have to buy new ones...cause having to store and care for the amount of sketchbooks I have is...starting to get a little crazy. Either that or I need to start throwing them away! >_< THAT'S BLASPHEMY!!

This is kinda a fun sketchbook at the time I was working on The Lindorm King a comic  part of the Once Upon A Time Anthology :D there's lots of sketches related to that!

This document contains what I drew in 2019! If you look at both PDFs you'll know what drawings were added :? but I know it's a lot of drawings!

here's some of my favorites!