Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Sketchbook Tour 2012 AND 2019

So last summer I was in Minnesota and wanted more paper to draw on so I went into my storage bins of old sketchbooks! I picked one that was kinda bare and decided to fill it out! What I considered finished in 2012 is much white space bah!! Honestly I would like to finish more of my old sketchbooks so I don't have to buy new ones...cause having to store and care for the amount of sketchbooks I have is...starting to get a little crazy. Either that or I need to start throwing them away! >_< THAT'S BLASPHEMY!!

This is kinda a fun sketchbook at the time I was working on The Lindorm King a comic  part of the Once Upon A Time Anthology :D there's lots of sketches related to that!

This document contains what I drew in 2019! If you look at both PDFs you'll know what drawings were added :? but I know it's a lot of drawings!

here's some of my favorites!

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Webtoons Short STory Contest!

We posted the first episode! PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!
The judges grade 30% on audience interaction! So any help is much appreciated! <3

I've decided to submit to Webtoons SHort Story Contest! I remember when the last one rolled around and it was something I found out too late to submit to but i reviewed a lot of the submissions last time which was fun! At first, I was hesitant because UGH, trying to think of something that fit in the topic was kinda hard!!! Then I didn't really feel like trying to cram all that work of creating a full color comic all by myself! So I posted on some forums trying to find a partner! Because i thought HOW FUN would it be to submit and not have to do so much work! Also the other person will get to submit with help as well! You know two heads are better than one deal! Also making comics solo can get a little lonely!!!
I'm happy to announce my submission partner is Hannah Deards! aka Bishmuth 
So far i'm REALLY excited about the work we've made together! I've made a new friend in the process too YAY! :D  Bishmuth has a comic on tapas called Fragments which I recommend you check out!

Bishmuth is doing the Character Designs, Inks, and Colors!
This is Hannah's inks over my thumbnails! So cool!
 Here's a screen cap that shows what i provided, my roles are writing/script, thumbnailing, letters, and formatting I plan on making it Webtoons format and a print format.

 Bishmuth's character designs:
Bishmuth is from Wales so I decided to set the comic there and Bishmuth helped me edit the dialogue so it has an authentic voice! XD HEHE
I did provide one design, Biz the Alien. I tend to draw something first then write about it and i really liked this design and I wanted to bring it to life. Here is Bishmuth's rendition:
OVERALL i would love to make more projects like this in the future! I want to make more comics with other comic artists. I am very open to what roles I play in the creation process too.  I like how collaborating creates this wonderful comic that I would've never been able to do on my own!  *-*

Anyway i'll keep ya posted about the release dates!! Hopefully you'll check it out and let me now what you think on Webtoons!

Saturday, April 11, 2020

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#AUTOMATA - Search this in Youtube! I spent too much time watching videos about antique Automatas THEY ARE SOO COOL AND CREEPY!
CBS Sunday Morning - Lost art of Automatons alive again
“Interlude” - French Automata from The Gail Cook Collection Part 1
I watched the other parts in this series by Theriault's Dolls really interesting
I want to visit this place now

Youtube stars? Yeah I've been also watching reviews on famous Youtubers most of them I have no idea who they are but now i kinda know? even the reviews get a bit....OH HOW DARE THEY DO THIS?! Yes, sometimes they are doing cringe-y things for clout but it's so much drama, they said this and that.  I am not really into it..

Good thing, I now have some good recommendations from my DA buddy Galdelico for JAPANESE ROBOTS AND HORROR movies so I'll go watch that now and report back!

Ok, I need to make a serious shout out to Skyangel the creator of Simply Sarah! Please check out her comic it's really wonderful, I use to read this comic back in early 2000's. Anyway I decided to return to and I checked my favorite lists many of them were not active anymore but Simply Sarah had just posted and was going strong!!! she has almost 700+ pages! I commented on her comic that it's been 10 + years and I was excited to get caught up! SHE replied saying, she remembered me and called me by name! Needless to say I was floored! Then she reviewed my comic!!  Wow, she's so cool! Simply Sarah's Skyangel really made my day! Thank you!
Here's a sample of the art! I love how classical her style is! wonderful please check it out! 

Random day in the life story:
Me: Loudly sings Frank Sinatra - L.O.V.E to 4 year old with hand signs and dancing!
4 year old: *stares at me in horror* then...manages to say, "oh no"

* life achievement earned*

Nicely  painted comic with unique characters!

Saturday, April 4, 2020


dream 1
I found a dead girl face down in a lake near a dock and I was trying to find her killer all while being so worried the killer would kill me.
I woke up cause it was too stressful.

dream 2
Government had failed, humans were living in an anarchy society. I was traveling down a road and came onto a house surrounded by junk. I was looking for something but trying to avoid the owners. When they saw me they dragged me into their house which had all these rats in cages it smelt terrible. I walked past their open basement door which had a huge dead skinned rat laying on stair case. They were drying fur pelts everywhere. They wanted me to go to the basement but i didn't want to go. They invited me to stay for their fashion show later, I couldn't refuse since I was stuck there. At the show the models were all wearing all these spotty fur pelts over their bodies and there was an air of impending doom for me.

dream 3
I spilled super glue on my new lament floor and when i tried to wipe it up it kept wrecking the floor and it kept getting worse and worse the more i tried to clean it up.