Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Youtube Artists

Random digital doodle

Ethanbecker Channel
Ethan please smoke that cigarette or trash it!!! XD he must've lipped that cigarette to death, gross lol

Best advice/ NOTES:
-be conscious of your mistakes/ break down photos
-make cross then copy paste, rotate then again and again STAR THINGY!

Gesture drawings:
-spine is two straight lines
-using the mask

DrawWithJazza Channel
I also like this guy I like his tutorials and diversity of video ideas

ColorwithKurt Channel
Great comic coloring tutorials 

Creepshowart channel
if you like youtube drama and art this channel might be for you

RIP tumblr fyeahartstudentowl  
so many memes lost T_T you were a good blog


The Secret Darker Art of Dr.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

platform comics 10K Challenge

lol I already have lots of to do but then I saw that Platform Comics was running a comic challenge to draw a short comic in 7 days!
I've got help tho! James Smith is my collaboration partner he's drawing it, he asked me awhile ago to do a collab I said, sure! I like to try to do stuff that I think will be worth making a comic for. I've known James from Deviantart/jhames34 I'm writing, coloring, and letters! He's inks and design! 

They didn't tell me the theme till it started :/
I GOT SUBMARINE~!  What the!!???
You also have to include one line of dialogue and it has to be 4-8 pages long. I had to research, you know what I found? Submarines aren't popular in comics. No, I only found like two webcomics about them! 
This is the best one, it is really cute <3

My favorite submarine movies are Sphere and Yellow Submarine...I need to watch 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea but I read the summary ha! I had a hard time thinking of something cool, and I learned a lot about submarines and their history...hahah :o) Overall, I'm happy with the outcome!

PAGE 1! enjoy!

Sunday, May 17, 2020

webcomics angels and demons

Angel Webcomics Christianity
Angels Power By Amélie Hutt 
Angel's power is probably my favorite!!! It has wonderful art and i like the unique take on the story!
Angels quest By marycrispies
Halfwing by Jeremy walker
Angel Sancutary by Kaori Yuki
This one defiantly inspired me as a teen, love the story and art! Also the soundtrack is super good!
For Love by Alan Capes this one has both demon and angels love story :D
Beneath the Ark by Orangeplum


MISC Angel inspiration 
Obviously any classical art!
Angelarium by Peter Mohrbacher
unique series of paintings devoted to angels
Michael Cooper -painter
he also does some very cool angel/demon work

Favorite Angel Movies
The Prophecy

 I really want to make an angel graphic novel. I had some ideas for one when i was a teenager but i've totally put that idea on the back burner but would love to go back to it. Above is some art I did for it in 2006. For sure i would redesign most of the characters and simplify the plot ideas possibly re title it... :? I also would like to make a comic in...a screen cap style i think this one would be really cool to do it with

Angel/bird Race Webcomics:
Avibus By CRFahey
Avialae By Lucid NSFW
White Noise by Adrien Lee
Hell Hounds by Sleepingpoppy
Step Aside By Orange Savannah
The Croaking by Megan Stevenson
Little Garden Comics by Darryl Ayo Brathwaite
This one includes angels/bird races, demons, and other monster inspired races

HONESTLY I would argue DEMONS are more popular than Angels at the moment...demon summoning using pentagram, demon boyfriend/girlfriend/ slave, possessed by demon, inner demons

Demons Webcomics
Kill 6 Billion Demons by Tom Parkinson-Morgan 
This one is super good it also include angels and lots of religious icons *****
Soul to Call by Katherine Rommie Lang
Ava's Demon by Tinypaint
Verse by Sam Beck
Lies within by byelacey
Demon For Hire by mimi Leblanc
Undivine by Ayme Sotuyo
Casual Hex by Ria Martinez, Taneka Stotts, Genue Revuelta
Hellbound by Ahmar Smith
my Best Friend Marneao by Elautor
Fuzzy by Niuniente
Enokan by Apollo
Heart Hex by Tendermiri
 The Devil's Comic by Suitboxers
Demonology by Ann-Joanne
Demonology 101 by Faith Erin Hicks
MIssummon by Sharpibees
Honey and Venom by Kurzz
Black Pupil by Tub
Satan and Me by Orangeplum


1.This dream took place in Victorian times or early 1900's featured a rich heiress, who was being held up by a group of soldiers during a revolution. They entered her house and started ransacking all her things, she was able to escape to another house on her estate but they followed her. They forced her to the basement where they found a tomb of her relatives. They were stealing from the tomb when they knocked open one of the coffins which housed a decaying body of her great grandfather who started to wake up disgruntled. He bit a soldier killing them, then attacking the rest of the soldiers each time getting stronger, his hair some facial features came back, but he was still half dead. The heiress was terrified to find out her relative was a vampire and she was not.  Now she was trapped in this house with her undead grandfather besides the fireplace.

2. I was at my sister's house and trying to get inside but her yard was covered in alligators and disfigured kittens, some where dead some where alive. Trying to pass through the yard these animals were trying to attack me. A cat grabbed my leg and clawed deep into the skin as I tried desperately to pry it away. Finally I got it free from my body and tossed it into the yard as an alligator gobbled it up, I ran inside shutting the door.