Friday, June 26, 2020

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Future of Comics

Going AFK not going to have access to internet for july…which is ok, I need a break X_X

Hmmmm, I'm wondering what I'm going to do next, Click Track Lolita, will continue to update Thursdays  at theduckwebcomics.

+small friendly community !
+when a comic is updated your comic icon is displayed on the front page for some time.
+able to upload the print version no formatting necessary.
+using a mobile browser is legible and user friendly
=time is valuable

Instead, I'd like to use that time working a new project to release. I have 3 different ideas that are bouncing around in my head that will be fun to work on in a bit more relaxed timeline. Also debating on in the future, I should format comics for instagram in the square format making a comic only account. I should try this but one big draw back is that instagram is in chronological order so the beginning; you'll have to scroll to the bottom.  :/

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Cup of Tea Anthology on Indiegogo

Earlier this year I made a short comic written by Jens Richard for anthology called My Cup of Tea all the stories are focused on tea! :D It's a really nice anthology please consider supporting the fundraiser if you would like to read or own a copy! 

Wednesday, June 3, 2020


 I hope everyone is doing well!
:( It's a turbulent time in history!
Stay strong!

I made this for my webcomic, Click Track Lolita 
 cool but simple

I also made this Gif for Superpose Solider 
again super simple symbol tween! I'm just dipping my toe in!
Honestly I'd really like to make some bigger animation projects in the future! After I finish Superpose Solider I might just do that! These have a similar color palette :/ I need to expand my color palette choices but overall happy with the results :3

The dream was a bout a little girl with pigtails who had found a 70's orange refrigerator in her basement. She opened it to find a tunnel, she crawled through it; on the other side was a room that lead through another room after another room, long hallways, then she meet another person standing in an empty room who wanted to play. At first it was fun but something was off about this person they wanted the little girl to stay forever. She tried to go back but they got angry and stopped her, locking the refrigerator door with a padlock and hid key. The little girl was now trapped on the wrong side of the door, and the person turned into a monster with a lobster claw that demanded this little girl play all day and be their friend forever. One day she was playing hide and seek with the monster and she ran to the cabinet where the monster had hid the key,  she broke in to steal the key, then with the key in hand ran back down the hallway and rooms to get to the room with the  small orange refrigerator. When she found it she was in a panic, quickly she unlocked the padlock and took the lock with her inside back through the tunnel, when reached the other side she used the padlock to lock the refrigerator on her side of the world. Shortly after she locked it the refrigerator door starting banging and she ran away hiding the key in a place where no one would find it. 
This dream reminds me of Alice in wonderland or Coraline I need to draw a picture of the characters cause it was pretty vivid dream. the rooms also reminded me of my an apartment building 3517 my dad use to have.