Monday, August 31, 2020

Comics and reviews

#Strawberrry dress
Just kidding It's cherry! 
I'm sorry I couldn't finish it tho...I was like this isn't me...
  Art Trends can get to be too much of the same! :/ Literally who wants to show up to a party and see 100 other people wearing the same dress as you? Oh heck no! Same philosophy. On the flip side, there is some beauty in the minor differences that the individual presents. 
Let's go back to that one meme
is it blue and black or gold and white?? THIS IS THE INTERNET! fyi: I think it was blue and black ALSO Photoshop! hahah who cares! I guess it's all for fun :D

Fighting league Webcomics
POUND by Tony Karnowski and Orlando Caicedo
ORDEAL by Brent Bristol
This comic is really cool, and excellent illustrations! ANatomy! top notch!
GREY MATTER by Erik Bitmanis
Cosmo Knights by Hannah Templar
Star Impact by Jack Mcgee
I curated this webcomic group for my own research to make sure I don't cross over when finishing my own and I might add more later if I find more that fit. 

Maus and Maus II by Art Spiegelman
I had found the first novel in a thrift store, I knew this was going to be a good book since everyone has told me to read it, I just haven't gotten around it. It was an excellent book, very elaborate survival tale. It's a miracle his father survived world war II, so many parts of the book were revealing and sad. I really enjoyed how Spiegelman weaved together the present with the past. As well as including the artist reflections and self critique on retelling the story of victims of war.

Earthset by Afterburner
Really GOOD android and human romance comic! I almost fell out of my chair with this one ~! AHh I LOVED IT AND IT HAS AN ENDING!!!! I don't want to spoil anything! JUST GO Read it!~

Let's be crystal clear, I like long comics but seriously there is WAY too many LONG stories that are tons of issues or novels, alternative universes, parallel time lines, or just plain reboots.  Epics seems to be the standard for what people aspire to create, aka the cash cows. These are all well in good but when you are consuming, it's easy for your attention to wane and they lack the punch at the end; cause most of the time the ending isn't that phenomenal compared to the journey! So, that's one thing to consider when writing.  I tend to gravitate toward stories that I know have an ending, it's really hard for me to watch TV shows cause it's so common for them to just drop it. As a comic reader, I rarely see these epics or issue comics come to a conclusion. Which can be frustrating; endings are important and difficult to write. Anybody can start a story but can you end it?

Saturday, August 29, 2020

quick memo

Jealousy of accomplishments
how to cope, the inner pep talk
the act wears down
isolated in comparison
accepted but not included
lace doesn't cover

Spoiled lap dog
cries to be relatable, what complaints
fences all around, turn around
some up above
where are your friends?
It's just you with your thoughts
inside your home
age is apparent
the mirror is a constant reminder
of a missed bus
this is a game for the young
why waste time

Tuesday, August 25, 2020


I dreamed, I was making a comic, haha! I know not a very fantastical dream!

It was a collaboration with another artist. The artist had a style like Lucky! by CaezHel oddly specific, but they had sent me character chart with the front, back, side, and different head expressions. The character was an ornate elf person. I printed them out and made them into a paper puppet with pins so the character could be pose-able. I made a stand for it and you could interchange the head. Then I set up a background which was a littlest pet shop tree house that I decorated to look like an elven forest. So I began posing the character in the background and took the photos and was creating a story taking different shots and angles. Thinking how can I make this more dynamic?...then I woke up.

Actually this is a cute idea, I could see myself doing something like this for a short story book project *adds to giant mental to do list*  XD

Thursday, August 20, 2020

why prioritize others before you?

Feeling a bit aimless lately...
I want to do all this stuff but can't decide what to focus on. Blah!! 
I guess I'll just fill up sketches books. 
>_> What have I become!!!?!?!??!

Things to do
-Make some simple animations gif type stuff and some longer storyboard animations!!
-Make a video slide show for CTL with music and make some promo gifs
-Make an anime style comic
-Do a drawing prompt list
-USE SIMPLER art styles
-Finish superhero (name might change) it will be a full color graphic novel lots of fighting comic...that might take me some time. 
-Make graphic novel about angels dive into old characters .....
-Finish Inflated, I have no idea if i will finish it cause it's so disturbing
-MAKE CHILDREN'S BOOK retellings of old tales simple stuff - L.S.H
-Maybe make another volume of CTL?!?! 
-Make more painting digital and traditional!
-Learn a musical instrument
-Raise another kid?!?!?! 
-Release unused scripts
-MAYBE I'LL DIE WHO KNOWS if Amy dies i will also add her characters/stories to my list of things to do and try to get to those too hahah
-Make a puppet show T_T
-Do a dog show with ginger
-Abstract dance performance
-Learn partner dancing 
-Get super buff? 
-Wear weirder make up! XD
-Learn math better I plan on reteaching myself as a teach my kid we'll see how that goes...

I write this down in hopes something will manifest! Come on!

Watched a super horrific movie Come and See older film about world war 2 the acting was so good and the shots were really unique.  I've always enjoyed history it was one of the subjects in school I was good at. Also my dad is also super into history and watching documentaries.  I suppose that's why I enjoy making stories, history is the stories of our past.  Major downside to this movie it was heartbreaking! I DON'T recommend you watch this if you feel squeamish about war violence. Even I had a hard time sleeping afterward, the movie kept replaying in my head, then my brain was going over all the wars throughout history up to the wars going on RIGHT NOW! :/ Some of human history is hard to review but it's important to remember our mistakes so we don't repeat them.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Fell off the edge of the planet

Took a month break, cause I went to Minnesota to visit my family. My Aunt is dying of lung cancer and my parents are getting old they were born in the 50's, my dad's health hasn't been that great the last couple of years. :( You're probably thinking COVID?!?! Yes, I did quarantine at my sister's home and wore masks everywhere before I went to visit the old folks. The thought of saying goodbye to them has been looming in the back of mind. I do get along with both of my parents pretty well. I use to have hang ups about their parenting mistakes but ever since I've become a parent, I realized that parents are just people, trying to do their best and nobody is perfect. While this is no excuse, you should try to do and be your best for your children, love them for who they are, not who you want them to be.

Minnesota is prettier than Arizona, gosh it's so damn hot here. My kid was riding his bike when he fell on the black tar street, it only took him a few seconds to start screaming, "It's HOT, MOMMY!!" He pulls his hands off the street but is still screaming when he realizes he has to put his hands back on the ground to stand up. Reluctantly he stood up quickly; everything happened so fast. I couldn't help but laugh but did try to console him about the hot street.

This reminds me of another story, last year I took him to Minnesota during the winter time, and my sister had gotten him a whole winter set, but he wouldn't keep his mittens on. We eventually gave up trying to put them back on. This was his first time in the snow. Outside he sees a big pile of snow; I tried to warn him, "it's gonna be cold!" but he just dives hands first. Instantly, he starts screaming and crying. Quickly I took him inside, washed his hands with warm water. Later my sister and I were giggling about it, I'm sure we did something similar as children but don't remember it.

Anyway, it felt good to step back from social media. Social media is super distracting and a bit draining for me BUT I do like to stay updated. The problem is the amount of time I spend doing that seems out of balance with the rest of my responsibilities and goals. So, I will have to try to step back more.

Best movies I watched while gone:

Time on this earth is finite. I keep thinking about my Aunt, it was really nice that she is able to say goodbye to her family, reach old age, and come to some terms with the end. Instead of being torn from this world. Life just goes by too fast. It reminds me of that saying, "Get busy living or get busy dying."