Tuesday, November 10, 2020

CTL on Webcomics App ~!

 Click Track Lolita was accepted to join Webcomics App! Check it out!  

So far the reception of the my comic has been really good! I'm very happy and feel very fortunate! Thanks to Webcomics App for placing it on the front page of their app on release! *_*

Webcomics App is a nice app for reading webcomics they have big collection of anime comics that they've created! It seems like they are interested in expanding scope to include independent web comic creators. I noticed they added some popular artists from other sites such as Lackadaisy by Tracey J Butler, Undefiled Wings by Spigarose, and Kitty Kitty Bang Bang by Evan Moe just to name a few. 

Super Special thanks to Spigarose of Undefiled Wings <3 I was able to message and interview them about Webcomics App before I signed up just to get a feel for how they treated their creators and Spigarose had nothing to say but good things about the Webcomics App

 A bonus to this app is that each comic has a Discussion board, where fans can post, connect, bond, and share fan works with each other; as well as creators can talk directly to their fans and post special art or notices! 

If you don't want to download the app no problem! They have a website you can read all their comics on from any computer or device which is also user friendly! 


Friday, November 6, 2020

Living dance party!!

Best comics I've read lately!
Excellent comic, that deals with social anxiety told in a very classic anime style but what I love is how the artist uses a watercolor digital brush! wow! 
Intense horror comic! It pulls you right in, it's kinda a play on body snatchers but it's a very unique variation. It's actually inspired by a dream the artist had, cool! CHECK IT OUT!
Great slice of life in COVID times of young adulthood, dating, roommates and work-life. I really like the weird anthro characters too. 
Rated R! This artist illustrates one panel comics of bad dates or stupid things people have said during dates submitted by the audience. Most of them are really shocking and crazy, but I'm sure there's a couple that were exaggerated. Regardless fun read!
The comic is knitted dolls posed and I just find it really adorable and crafty!


Righeira No Tengo Dinero. youtube- this song is the story of my life and its fun to dance too haha :D
Kylie Minogue - I Love It. youtube kylie released a new album WOO
Night Club - "Gossip".youtube
Natural Causes-freezepop.youtube
Pnau - Changa.youtube  
Jessie Ware - What’s Your Pleasure?.youtube I like the dancing in this one   

Monday, November 2, 2020

Why begin it that way!?

 Why is there so many common starting points for comics!??? I read a lot of indie hobby comic artist stories and it amazes me that everyone uses a couple of the same introductions.

Another extremely popular starting point is "LATE FOR SCHOOL/WORK" the other variation is "WAKE UP FROM A BAD DREAM!"starting the day with the character.

I'm really bored of this starting point, probably because I have used this trope in Stakeout looking back I cringe because it's the late for school and first person narration. Superpose Solider also used this trope too but it was more play on a trope to establish shojo mood and he wasn't intentionally late but events caused him to to be late.

Getting off topic; the late for school I believe it came from Sailor Moon, Card Captor also used it, but I'm sure there's a whole list of animes, or comics that start this way.  I might need to build a list for this.

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