Friday, December 25, 2020


Happy holidays 🎄 for you the tale of Silverhoof!
Please check it out! Enjoy!

I found this tale while reading Russian folk tales and felt really inspired to draw Silverhoof. To me the story has a Christmas vibe but also is a variation of an unicorn. The original story was written by Pavel Bazhov in 1938. I wanted to work in a very different style and I think it came out great! I used the Ipad to create this with the digital pen by Adrawpen and the program Sketches by Tayasui
Since my Ipad is so old i couldn't get procreate but this program by tayasui is pretty good! 
TO DO LIST: start a webcomic project: Lvl 1 Reader 
I can post all the children's books and kids comics I've made here and make some new content like hide n seek images, how to draw, kids activities ideas, silly rhyming words shorts with some illustrations, vocabulary? maybe some teaching tools with beginner words,  comic read recommendations, and possibly post my son's drawings comics that he's made. He made a really cute one about 3 ducks! :D I think this could be fun to assemble.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Reading is cool!

Amy has published her novel
Scivias on Webnovel (mobile link)  Rated R
Scivias is set in 1600's about a young girl named Realm, who lands a job as a scully maid working for a wealthy lord. This starts a series of events that causes her life to spiral out of control. Pulled between her master's infatuation with the occult, romance, and obedience. Realm struggles to find happiness and return to a simpler time. 

I'm so proud of her! :D Please read & share it! <3

Got my kid (who is 5 years old) Dog Man A tale of Two Kitties by Dav Pilkey, I was really surprised how much we enjoyed it. He already enjoys comics, Garfield books was the only thing he asked Santa for Christmas! I'm going to brag because he is a good reader. He started reading sometime around 4 and enjoys reading! He also can read much better than I could at his age.  ANYWAY  I bought this comic cause I've seen it on best seller lists and been interested to see what it's about. Now, I can see why kids love it, the art is colorful and child like; the characters are funny. I really liked how the artist included a "Flip o-Rama" basically an animation flip technique to "animate" certain scenes in the book. COOL! I need to try adding this to one of my projects!

Shambhavi by Shunti Chaha on Webtoons This webcomic is a gem among pebbles! I really enjoyed the art and the story seems very authentic day in the life of an Indian woman. READ IT :D another comic reading service, app and desktop friendly. I think it looks promising and could rival Tapas or Webtoon

Currently working on illustrating a short Christmas tale hoping I can finish it in time to post on Christmas!! WHICH by the way! I got a free light up white tree by the curb! as they say, "one man's trash is another man's treasure."

 Hahaha! I've never owned a Christmas tree but this year feels extra festive! The fake tree is in great shape with box and everything I think someone threw it out cause they wanted a different color! I decorated it with toys and earrings hehehe cause why not! 


Tuesday, December 8, 2020


The Cultural Significance of Cyberpunk by CCK 

This is the not the first time these ideas have come across my dashboard, I saw some post on Tumblr one time someone complaining how our ideas of the future hasn't changed since the 80's that was the first seed for me. These videos in this detail was a heavy anvil smashing my little brain. I love cyberpunk, but as a sit down to attempt to work on another graphic novel, Superhero (name subject to change) not only am I having a hard time fixing the plot holes of 2017 Michelle. The comic has clear cyberpunk influences, I have to try harder to not rehash ideas for this I should try to contribute to  image of a new future or at least make an attempt.  

 Mark Fisher : The Slow Cancellation Of The 

"is this trend of nostalgia an accident? or are part of a culture because of the condition we have found our self in, where we can only find appeal in pre-established cultural modes, repetition, in rehashes, in caging ourselves in the safety of the familiar. The correlate of the future that will not arrive, is a past that wont disappear, past cultural forms that will not let us move on, are like the ruins of the video game Worlds, in the 90's this was a popular online multiple player game but over the years it would be completely abandoned, if Worlds was a material structure it would be falling into ruins, but it's digital nature prevents it from ever decaying a structure that cannot decay is a structure that cannot provide space for new structures. The eerie result is architecture that is clearly outdated but unchanging dragging behind the present, a world stuck in time for Fisher this is our world." 

quote from  Hauntology, Lost Futures and 80s Nostalgia by Jonas Čeika - CCK 

This really got me cause Yes! I suffer from this but most of the time I'm living with this fact happily; that having access to my past in a clear form is a good thing but now I'm not so sure. As I reopen the files to edit, jump back into old ideas. Earlier this year, my Sister was complaining to me that I may have outgrown my script and characters and I should move on and make something new but I am attached to it and want to finish it. It's a curse really. But when I'm in the process of gutting it, to retool it, simplify it. WILL IT EVEN BE THE SAME!?!??! HOW CAN I SHED MY PAST? FML!

I play a long game so don't get too excited. I have to overthink everything first ok, thanks :D


Also in other comic news! Smack Jeeves is closing it's doors wow! I'm shocked!
Smack Jeeves notice to users  It looks like they are turning into Pocket Comics app...

Friday, December 4, 2020

the strange ones are easy to remember


1. I dreamed, that humans were smuggled out of this world into alternative dimension and were being used as pets for a race of anthromorphic beings. The dream followed a group of humans as they entered this parallel world, a gorilla woman ushered them in a room where they could look up see hundreds of humans in single cell cages mounted on a tall wall all in different states of despair. One of the women from the group was selected by the gorilla woman to be her personal pet, since she was a smart older woman. The woman was forced to remove her clothes and sort through a box of folders that included writings by other humans, the gorilla was one of the organizers of the pound. The woman was reading and ordering the notes by date. As she read she became more disenchanted with her situation. The rest the group was sent on a tour by Jaguar who toured them through the facility he led them through the prisons where they kept all the bad humans who refused to cooperate it was grim, bloody, and cell of chained torture; surrounded by dead bodies. 

2. I dreamed, that a man was trying to learn the Geotia religion on his quests to understand he went through this forest, where everywhere he traveled the forest was covered in eyes. Eyeballs in the bark, on the leaves, amongst the rocks, inside of flowers and they were all looking at this traveler.