Friday, April 16, 2021

Addicted lately?

My favorite thing to watch right now is

IMR Scary Tales YouTube Channel

I've almost watched or listened to them all but now I'm super paranoid.  Garbage- There's lots of channels that seems to be reposting or using this animation style cause here's another ?

Martin Animation YouTube Channel 

Search YouTube: redditreads or askreddit those videos are super good too! it's usually a microsoft voice reading it but it's enjoyable

 Also some comic artist memes that I've collected that are hilarious

 OMG THE LAST ONE IS TOO MUCH! this is my life! LOL It's true the projects that I've spend little time on have done better than anything I've invested a lot of time on.

Me: in a corner thinking, WHY?!?!?! HOW?!?!

Saturday, April 10, 2021

myers -brigg personality test!?

I've taken this test over my life time a couple times and I've gotten different results. I think it's cause the test provider has changed and there are variations on the questions, as well as I have changed.

Here's some of my results:

ENFP Champion - 25 year old me

ENTP Inventor / INTP Thinker - 35 year old I took the test twice on two different platforms to see if i could get same results

Here's a links to the free tests used if you want to try it yourself! :D

What does this mean!? I was thinking about it cause I've noticed a lot of artist community putting their personality type into their bio. I'm not really sure how accurate it is, it's a fun time killer? It might have some insight into a person? I'm on the fence.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

creepy cool dream

 I dreamed, about a realtor who was trying to sell this large house. The house had been abandoned by the previous owner it was a giant mansion with many levels, each level was huge and contained many rooms but the strange thing about the house was that the floors in the house only went down into the earth. There was an elevator that would judge those who stepped inside and if it deemed you a bad person it would drop you down into the deeper floors if you were a good person it would send you down a couple floors and operate like a normal elevator. The elevator didn't go up the only way to get back to the main floor and out the door was to go up the stairs. The house made it difficult for you to find the doors that led to the stairs the further you went down the harder it was to get up. The lower floors were in more disarray than the floors closer to the top. Some floors were dusty and had broken furniture but the deeper you went the the levels where burnt, rotting, molding, dark, and falling apart. I remember one floor had a hole in the floor in front of the door that led to the staircase. Skeletal remains could be found of people who weren't able to escape could be found in the deeper layers. The realtor never went downstairs she stayed on the top floor and let the buyers explore the house but many of them didn't come back. The outside the house looked like cold war bunker home from the 60s. It was very mid century mod and geometric not your classic Victorian haunted house. The only spirits that were inside the house were the houses victims, the house itself was an evil entity.

I really like this dream i should make this into a mini horror comic. :O

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Sketchbook Tour june to aug 2020

 Super special thanks to Debra for gifting these Nightmare Before Christmas sketchbooks! Such a thoughtful and useful gift! <3 

**FULL Sketchbook (100 PG) June - Aug 2020 PDF**

NOTE: Some of my sketches are PG-13, What can I say you; if you draw, you want to draw everything.
Here's some of my favorite pages as a preview :D  ENJOY!

I've been thinking about creating a new pen name to make comics or art under, but not sure how secret or how to section off myself into a new username? Might be AFK for the month of March so I thought I would leave my blog on a good note with lots of sketches for you to chew on.  


this song is so sad
this video is very silly, SUPER 80's! she's like a female Wierd Al
Since school shootings are a problem now :( this song would've never made it today
Daft punk sample off this song for ROBOT ROCK but this song is better  
I really like the first soundtrack for Naruto! IT GETS ME PUMPED LOL


Saturday, February 13, 2021


 Strawberry shortcake! :D

She's so cute, I wanted her to look like the vintage doll but with my own flair. I like the original artwork for Strawberry Shortcake the best but I enjoy some of the remakes / redesigns too. While drawing I had the temptation to buy another doll for a display piece. I use to have one as a kid. They aren't too bad on ebay BUT DO I REALLY NEED IT!?!?!?!

I did buy a new my little pony, when you are bored you sometimes wander into online shopping! Dangerous place! I bought two off ebay and when they came in the mail my kid insisted one was for him. Luckily one was 10$ (the one I really wanted Sweet Pop, a twinkle eye) and the other 5$ so I begrudgingly gave him the cheaper one a unicorn to have and play with even tho I don't have it in my collection. *SIGH* it was hard cause I've already witnessed that kid destroy toys. 

I was always particular about my toys even as kid, one memory especially sticks out was with a littlest pet shop dalmatian set. I had lost the brush, in the brush there was a magnet that would make the dog wag it's tail. I was so upset just bawling my eyes out cause the set was ruined and my poor parents were besides themselves. My dad joked that he was going to have to take me to the loony bin after that tantrum. I think I was 8? ANYWAY I don't own any littlest pet shops anymore I sold my collection to some person for 250$ on a littlest pet shop forum! I do still have pictures of it on my toy collecting blog. I suppose that's all I need now. LPS toy collection pictures

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Social Media Detox

I'm trying the social media detox, after I made that last post, I rage quit Instagram and Twitter removing it from my phone. I just spend too much time checking it multiple times of the day to look at updates and other creators artwork. It's getting a little out of hand. I'm having a hard time focusing on my life, family, and my artwork . Instagram can make you compare yourself to others which can really bring you down. :(

 I'm at a point in life, where I've just seen SO MUCH art that it's starting be repetitive. Mind you that has come at a cost to me, my time. Social media use to be beneficial to spend time doing research and looking outward but now I think it's just taking away my time to be doing things and affecting my attention span.

It is kinda like addiction or a bad habit, I feel like I'm quitting smoking or something. I keep wanting to go on my phone to surf but I have to pull myself away from it and try to form a new better habit. I'm  allowing myself to have access to Instagram and twitter on my computer but I have to limit my use or else I'll have to cut myself off from that.

I'm sorry to the all the artists and people I love! I can't support you with my likes or retweets. I have to tap out. I'm still experimenting what the effects are on my online presence but I don't think it will be that much. So let's see. 

I did work on hourly comic day I just didn't finish it, It's a short comic about Ina and Talo origin story. I decided I wanted to spend some time to color it. here's a preview pg 2 :D

The Annoying Millennial Trope,

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Status check

I've been laying low cause I'm burned out. I don't know what project to work on at the moment lots of ideas but no pull in a direction. I was kinda thinking of doing some non comic art for a while, I feel like I need something different in my life. I was thinking about doing some sewing, photography, or sculpting?? 

I was really ready to hit the gas on another comic but I'm just stuttering with lack of get up and go. *sob* I have ideas that are cool too!  I'll just think about it before I go to bed for now. Making comics is a big mountain to go up and down all by myself and I've been up the mountain a couples times now so maybe I'm a bit tired of the same sights. I'm no spring chicken over here, my comics don't have a big fan base or anything so all my comics come from me wanting to see them come alive. 

also thinking about deleting Instagram from my phone omg! I'm so distracted with it yet its just does nothing for me but consume me...maybe that would help free up some of my attention span and brain power to make something. ANYway wah wah sob sob on your shoulder!.....what else is new?!

I reformatted Poopie Witch for Webtoons! TADA!!! lol I did something~!

Read Poopie Witch on Webtoons 

Baby steps!! 

Thursday, January 14, 2021

1st post of 2021!

Happy new years everyone! Here's hoping 2021 will be a good year! I thought I would start with a  sketchbook tour. Yes, it's from last year but oh well :D ENJOY!

** FULL Sketchbook PDF (106 PGS) Feburary to August 2020 **

Here's some of my favorite pages as highlights!