Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Status check

I've been laying low cause I'm burned out. I don't know what project to work on at the moment lots of ideas but no pull in a direction. I was kinda thinking of doing some non comic art for a while, I feel like I need something different in my life. I was thinking about doing some sewing, photography, or sculpting?? 

I was really ready to hit the gas on another comic but I'm just stuttering with lack of get up and go. *sob* I have ideas that are cool too!  I'll just think about it before I go to bed for now. Making comics is a big mountain to go up and down all by myself and I've been up the mountain a couples times now so maybe I'm a bit tired of the same sights. I'm no spring chicken over here, my comics don't have a big fan base or anything so all my comics come from me wanting to see them come alive. 

also thinking about deleting Instagram from my phone omg! I'm so distracted with it yet its just does nothing for me but consume me...maybe that would help free up some of my attention span and brain power to make something. ANYway wah wah sob sob on your shoulder!.....what else is new?!

I reformatted Poopie Witch for Webtoons! TADA!!! lol I did something~!

Read Poopie Witch on Webtoons 

Baby steps!! 

Thursday, January 14, 2021

1st post of 2021!

Happy new years everyone! Here's hoping 2021 will be a good year! I thought I would start with a  sketchbook tour. Yes, it's from last year but oh well :D ENJOY!

** FULL Sketchbook PDF (106 PGS) Feburary to August 2020 **

Here's some of my favorite pages as highlights!